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Caimi Brevetti the XXI Triennial

Snowsound by Caimi
Snowsound by Caimi
Caimi Brevetti the XXI Triennial it has been modified: 2016-05-11 di alam

It will be on display until September 12 2016 the Show "Snowsound by Caimi design as you've never heard"At the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, as part of the XXI Triennial.

The chosen location is just as interesting. In fact, these are the "Cavallerizze", an area of ​​about 1.800 m2 resulting from an important recovery operation by the National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci".

The exhibition is focused on Snowsound technology and acoustic design of public spaces but also domestic and hosts, in addition to the panels designed by Michele De Lucchi, Alberto Meda and Francesco, Lorenzo Palmeri, Marc Sadler, Sezgin Aksu, Lorenzo Damiani, Atelier Mendini, the 'innovative and completely new outer Wave designed by Moreno Ferrari. Wave is the best expression of design and technology combination.

Snowsound by Caimi

Snowsound by Caimi

The Snowsound technologies Caimi Brevetti, patented and highly innovative, have received the most prestigious awards at international level and are constantly changing. only systems of their kind and the technologies applied, and for the idea of ​​sound-absorbing elements intended as furniture accessories, which fit with transversal in any environment, to solve the acoustic problems.

Very important is the green aspect of this technology that has recently awarded the coveted Gold GREENGUARD Certification, which validates their low emission characteristics and contribution to environmental quality.

The different solutions proposed by each of the designers are all referable to a definition of design in which the person is the protagonist. This is for Caimi Brevetti, in the 21st century, "Design after Design".

Snowsound by Caimi

Snowsound by Caimi

Exhibition curated by Aldo Colonetti and Franco Origoni

Exhibition design: Origoni Steiner Associated architects, Franco Origoni, Matteo Origoni, Anna Steiner with Eleonora Bruno

In collaboration with Paul Bonfiglio, Andrea Farnetani, Caimi Lab

out the stand: Benfenati Arrangements

Photo credits: Raoul Iacometti, Interno20


National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

Milano, Via Olona 6

02/04/2016 – 12/09/2016


Closed on Mondays

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