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Byobú | Those who are outside remain inside.

Byobú | Those who are outside remain inside. it has been modified: 2019-04-04 di tajens

Like a story we remember over time. From the 2nd century China, to the eighth century Japan, up to the design week in Milan. Byobú booths return to our present to create new ways of experiencing space. The possibility of creating places - not places within a single space.

The story continues to live in the present like the protagonists of this story: Amelia Earhart, first female aviator, Mary Quant inventor of the miniskirt, Jeanne Baret first explorer woman, Annette Kolmann swimmer, Polly Peabody, bra inventor to Alexandra David-Néel first western which reaches east in the 1924.
Out of class they made history, even ours.

On the occasion of the event will be offered a tasting of doc and docg wines from the Piceno Open organic chain, the main sponsor of the evening.
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