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BIRDLAND, the bed from the chameleonic character Noctis at the Furniture Fair

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BIRDLAND, the bed from the chameleonic character Noctis at the Furniture Fair it has been modified: 2017-02-21 di Benedict Flowers

Noctis, Affirmed that has had over 20 years of history, passion and research in the field of upholstered beds 100% Made in Italy, presents at Birdland Salone del Mobile 2017, The new bed with a unique personality and variable, ideal for those who love bright colors and color combinations.

Birdland is designed to offer a different way of conceiving the relaxation: cozy and clean design, it gives the feeling of falling asleep surrounded by soft pillows. In fact, thanks to its original cylinder head formed by soft removable cushions 6, everyone will have the opportunity to choose from - in addition to the plain in the various tissue samples Noctis - including 7 Special versions "Inspiration". In these, the bed frame, the structure of the head and the back of each pillow is offered in fabric series of Rimini, while the front of the cushion is made of different color combinations of Riccione tissues, Maratea, Cervia, Brando and Bellaria. Then playing with the direction and position of each pillow, you can get a single bed, exclusive and fun, that reflects the personality and imagination of everyone.

two versions

Declinable in two versions, Birdland is available in the network model fixed in 6 different widths, King (193), 180, 160, Queen (153), 150 and 140 cm, with a height of 104 cm wide and Birdland, accessorized a practical storage box, available in widths 6 King (193), 180, 160, 140, 120 and 90 114 cm and a height of cm. Both are removable and available in all the rich sample tissues Noctis or in special combinations "Inspiration".

Birdland Wide is available with Folding Box ® system, A real technological revolution, created and patented by Noctis, which will draw a new road in the world of container beds. This innovative system consists of a bottom panel, place the box inside the space saving, foldable without any effort that makes it extremely easy access to the floor under the bed to clean it comfortably without having to move or lift the structure.

automatic box opening

But the revolution does not end here! With Folding Box Automatic®, open the space-saving box when your hands are no longer be a problem. Just a slight movement of the foot to the center of the footboard and a sensor will open the container in a fully automatic way. To close it again just touch the sensor and so avoid accidental automatic closures. Folding Box Automatic® is applicable to all models except for some technical exceptions.

Finally, for maximum personalization, Noctis offers the Pantone® Exclusive service that allows you to choose the color of your feet in all the Pantone® range so that you can perfectly match them to the bed cover, simply by indicating the reference fabric code.

Read Birdland by Noctis

Birdland cm 160 to landline proposed with structure in Rimini 401 fabric cat. B Special and tested in matching Inspiration No. 6 with cushions covered in fabric cat. B: 700 Bellaria, Cervia 700, 700 Riccione, Maratea 700 and 22 Brando. Standing natural oblique h 25 cm.

Read Birdland by Noctis

Detail of the head of Birdland special in combining Inspiration No. 6.

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