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"Arcade" the coffee table designed by Sam Baron for

Just99 Arcade Grise set 2 SamBaron
"Arcade" the coffee table designed by Sam Baron for it has been modified: 2015-04-10 di Benedict Flowers

Starting in April, the month of excellence for international design, e-commerce Italian launches a new object of Italian design:

it is the table "Arcade" designed by the famous French designer Sam Baron exclusive Just99 and available on the virtual shop in just 99 pieces.

A piece of furniture inspired Palladian but extremely modern in which craftsmanship is enhanced especially in particular bentwood frame.

Just in the month dedicated to the Salone del Mobile in Milan, when all the spotlight on excellence in international design, the new e-commerce Italian chooses to present "Arcade" an original piece of furniture that enriches the collection of articles available on the original shop online.

The table, which is also available in only 99 pieces, bears the signature of the famous French designer Sam Baron who share the philosophy of exclusivity behind the project Just99 was made available to create a unique style furniture and at the same time accessible. The result is a coffee table that wants to be a functional and unique design solution, to show off in your home and use in everyday life. In addition to the collaboration with Sam Baron, Just99 boasts other important projects with international designers such as Matteo Ragni, Giuliano Koren and Giorgia Zanellato.

ARCADE table (design Sam Baron)

Sam Baron says: "For the realization of Arcade I was inspired by Palladian architecture and romanticism of the arcades of Paris whose profile is resumed, so essential, in light curved structure of the table. In Arcade I wanted to enhance the communication and sensory properties of wood, a material that has always been used in my designs, contrasting them with the minimalism of the plan. A mix of materials and workmanship is absolutely contemporary. "

The Acade table, handcrafted in Italy, brings in all its details the Italian manufacturing quality: the legs, a characteristic element of the table, are obtained thanks to the curvature of a single piece of beech wood and are elegantly connected by a detail fine leather. In the first edition available online Arcade, the "Grise Edition", the top gray lacquer creates a nice contrast with the warm color of the wood, giving a contemporary and dynamic. Its moderate size makes it perfect as a coffee table or nightstand in the bedroom.

Just99 Arcade Grise 2 SamBaron

Just99 Arcade Grise 3 SamBaron

Just99 Arcade Grise 4 SamBaron

Just99 Arcade Grise 1 SamBaron

Structure: bent beechwood dyed oil; leather details for the union of the table legs; Floor: gray lacquered; Height: 41 cm; Diameter: 55 cm; Price: € 189

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