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MILAN FASHION WEEK TO DO THE CREATIONS OF NATURE TO WOMEN BUSINESS EXPO 2015 it has been modified: 2014-02-18 di m.monticelli m.monticelli

A weekend with the 'ecodesign and critical fashion awaits all fashion addict in the capital of Italian Fashion.

In Milan in Palazzo Isimbardi, Home of the Province, During the Fashion Week, from the 21 23 2014 February, will host the exhibition Nature Women's Business Expo to 2015 with the Sponsorship of Fashion Events Expo.

"Nature Woman Business - He said Alderman Silvia Garnero - Focuses on the feminine selecting the creative excellence of young women think, say, do, design, feel, imagine and write ... A major showcase, as well as a table of constant comparison to Expo 2015. Women and Councillor of the Province of Milan, are proud to sponsor and support this initiative and to host the edition 2014 just Isimbardi Palace on the occasion of women's fashion week. "

A composite Percorso exhibition dedicato trendy green and ethical project Nature Women's Business Expo to 2015. In some shows capsule collection some emerging brands of critical view all strictly made in Italy.

Since 2010 NDI Towards Expo 2015 is an event that aims to promote and give light to women artists and designers who operate according to principles of sustainability.

On display in the prestigious location of Palazzo Isimbardi unique and hand made with recycled materials, experimental fabrics and scraps from production. Artistic creations for accessories and clothes completely original. New shapes for a riot of research and rigorous technique. A symbol of an Italy eclectic feminine creative and restless.

On display:

Catherine Crepax, Chiara Trentin, Cristina Volpi, Eleonora Ghilardi, Ema Roncalli, Francesca Mancini, Giovanna Bellini, Irene Sarzi Amadè, Lorraine Giuffrida, Marilina Fortuna, Raffaella Bandera, Raffaella Riccio, Rosa Vetrano, Rosalba Rombolà, Sandra Faggiano, 13 Recreate.

During the opening of the exhibition, which will take place Friday 21 February, at 18: 00, speakers include:

Dynamic Circuits with the presentation of the project Re-define the jewel edited by Sonia Patrizia Chain. Presentation of the book "Rebuilding the Italian fashion. The key role of the United States of America in the development of the industrial system of the Made in Italy " Nicole White. Innovative project publishing series of 'Cultural Association Deleyva . During the three-day exhibition, will host the exhibition micro², collective international traveling, of works of small size (5 5 × cm). micro² is an exhibition that creates a dialogue, through and within the various frames, works for diverse geographical origin, techniques, past experiences and aesthetic theories of the artists who made them.

The project

The project Nature Woman Business Towards Expo 2015 born in Milan in 2010, conceived and edited by Catherine Misuraca e Paola Sammarro - Holders homonymous Agency Communication and Events Management - to create a network of small businesses by women throughout the country operating in the fields of critical fashion and eco-design. Create synergies between women artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and designers who work through an ethical path and green. Since its first edition, in 2010, the event has become a source of excellent exchanges. Nature Woman Business Towards Expo 2015 gives voice, wants to know, wants to create synergies between professional and other lesser-known operating for years in the industry, including environmentally friendly companies and young designers, including craft and other enterprises. Nature Woman Business Towards Expo 2015 - Sponsored by 'Fashion Expo Events Department of the Province of Milan - From 2010 today has become a vantage point in the field of creative recycling thanks to a careful selection of emerging brands. Nature Woman Business Towards 2015 Expo is an excellent showcase for those who do research and experimentation by providing opportunities for exchanges and meetings with buyers, journalists, students, critics and insiders.

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