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Agena decorates children's rooms with colorful and imaginative wallpapers from the "Hits 4 Kids" Collection

Agena decorates children's rooms with colorful and imaginative wallpapers from the "Hits 4 Kids" Collection it has been modified: 2016-07-29 di engardagiordani

Agena, manufacturer and distributor of high-end wallpapers and fabrics, presents the new “Hits 4 Kids” wallpaper collection, designed to meet the taste of younger customers, without neglecting the high quality craftsmanship of the product. Made by Eijffinger, it is distributed on the Italian market exclusively by the Turin-based company.

Decorate the room of an apartment allows you to express your creativity, even more so if the room in question is for people children, and you can therefore indulge yourself with one multitude of precisely designed for smaller patterns and decorations.

For stimulate creativity of children does not need much, sometimes just theright environment, what arouses interest: colors, patterns, designs, that reflect their passions. There are more similar fantasies to women and others closer to the male, in order to identify the right furnishings that can help them find one pleasant environment, designed to fit their, Suitable for play and have fun in the company of brothers, sisters or friends.

An excellent solution is the collection "4 Hits Kids" by Eijffinger: these are rolls of pre-glued paper, not a normal and classic wallpaper, but with similar decorative features; its application is in fact different from that of wallpaper since glue is already applied, and it is therefore sufficient to wet it before direct application on the wall. In addition to being easy to pose, the cards in this series are all washable, Another positive note for environments in close contact with children.

The collections proposed in the images are produced by Eijffinger and distributed exclusively on the Italian market by Agena.




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