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ACASA TURNS BACK AND CRAFTS it has been modified: 2014-01-24 di jessica zannori

Were about 16.500 visitors Acasa 2013 which confirmed MalpensaFiere as the reference point of the Home Furnishing Sector for the Province of Varese and Alto Milanese. Satisfaction also among over 140 exhibitors, including many young entrepreneurs who are put into play with projects and strategies to respond to the crisis, promoting the excellence of the territory and keeping alive the furnishing sector. These positive data have provided an assist to launch of the new project ARTIGIANA - The new big trade show to be held in MalpensaFiere from the 20 23 2014 March.

According to the Forecast Report on the Furniture Sector in Italy 2014-2016 conducted by CSIL (Center for Industrial Studies) for Federmobili, the 2013 closed with an internal market in decline, but in recent months, thanks to bonus furniture and all ' interest that sparked the home system, showed some positive signs.

Always this study provides for the 2014 stability of the internal market, also by virtue of the confirmation of the bonus furniture without constraint in relation to expenditure, which together with an increase in exports equal to 3% at constant prices will lead to an increase in the value of production equal to 2% in real terms. (Data "Forecast Report on the Furniture Market in Italy, 2014-2016. Smart & Fast: the cities of 2020" by CSIL Milano).

In this macroeconomic environment, Artisan doing so interpreter of reality that defend and support the excellence of the territoryThe craftsmanship and entrepreneurial creativity, giving voice and visibility to a universe of small and medium businesses that offer products and services of high quality. Capitalizing on the values ​​and the results of Acasa, Artisan invests them in a new concept that is renewed with the audience and the buying, recognizing the firms and is proposing a meeting between the supply and demand that respects tradition , always looking ahead, innovating to better meet the needs of consumers.

Great news for the Artisan is FREE ENTRY, To give the public the opportunity to access the talents, ideas, objects, classes, workshops and a rich program of events - Newlyweds, EPH + Sustainability, Bathroom & Wellness, Nursery, The Artisan of Taste, Show Cooking in a totally free. Artisan is the newest and largest trade show of the Province of Varese and Alto Milanese, a new event full of ideas and activities for families, a unique moment made up of many small experiences, a course in beauty, in design and decor , a dip in the tradition to shape the future.

More information on site ARTIGIANA

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