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Infiniti is looking for new talents with the GREEN FACTOR DESIGN CONTEST

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Infiniti is looking for new talents with the GREEN FACTOR DESIGN CONTEST it has been modified: 2017-03-02 di Benedict Flowers

Infiniti looks for new talents between designers and architects under 35 and launches the GREEN FACTOR DESIGN CONTEST. Ecosustainability and recyclability are the central theme of the competition. The protagonist will be the green material par excellence, wood.

Infiniti seeks young talent. Prerequisites: a large dose of creativity and something special, the "green factor". The brand has always been close to fresh and innovative visions of young professionals, has chosen to launch a new edition of the contest "Green Factor Design Contest" for all designers and architects under 35 who believe in respecting the environment.

They will be given the opportunity to compete with a new challenge, supported by a brand that has made eco-sustainable production a central value of their work.

the contest

The real protagonist is the woodThe "green" material par excellence: the candidates will be asked to make a couple of eco-friendly and recyclable products - chair and stool or chair and table - made entirely of wood, possibly minimizing or eliminating the use of other materials and thus reducing waste to a minimum.


Participants can submit projects by July 31 2017. To decree the best, which will be announced in September, it will meet an exceptional jury chaired by internationally renowned architect Stefano Boeri, accompanied by the director of the Interior Guild Bojardi as vice-president, the head of the H-Farm Timothy projects O'Connell and Marco Ceccato, sales and marketing director of OMP group.

It will be up to the winner a prize of € 5.000,00, and the ability to industrialize its products along with the Infiniti Design brand.

The projects can be uploaded via the website

Present at the launch of the contest, the jury to complete: the architect Stefano Boeri (president of the jury), the director of Interni Gilda Bojardi (vice-president), the sales & marketing director of the Omp group and Infiniti Marco Ceccato and the founding partner by H-Farm Timothy O'Connell. On the sidelines of the presentation, the brunch was proposed by chef Mirko Ronzoni, host of Hell's Kitchen on Skyuno.

Jury Photo Infiniti green factor design contest

Jury Infiniti green factor design contest

Stefano Boeri

(Architect and president of the jury)

I immediately accepted the invitation of Infiniti Design to chair this competition, because I liked the idea of ​​linking a company that wants to experience the collective intelligence of hundreds of young people from around the world. Secondly, then, it seemed to me extremely interesting that this creative force was applied to a material, such as wood, still not enough explored.

It seems strange to think that this is so because wood is a material so basic and widespread, yet - and I speak especially of our context - is a material that has not yet been explored in all its forms, certainly in the field of architecture, but also in the field of the user design.

Bojardi guild

(Director of the Interior, vice-president of the jury)

"I was pleased to accept the invitation to be part of Infiniti in this illustrious jury, because these moments are always opportunities to meet and valuable comparison. The ecosostenibiltà today is an important issue, and tends more and more to mean an approach, a carbon-thought, not a mode of consumption. Many designers are measuring with this theme, each with different forms, ranging from the dematerialization of material research, and it will be interesting to see what will be proposed by these young designers ".

Marco Ceccato

(Sales / Marketing & Strategy and Group Development OMP)

"Through the selection of a highly qualified jury, Infiniti flagship looking for a green project that continues to grow the level of the products presented in past editions. Thanks to the Contest we discovered young talents and very interesting projects. It is an activity in which the company believes strongly as always pays off in terms of product development and vision. "

Timothy O'Connell

(Partner and head of the H-Farm accelerator programs)

"For us a contest like that Infiniti is in line with the type of" open innovation "that we promote with H-Farm. It 'a great opportunity for young people to collaborate with a company in the design industry leaders. The best part is definitely to watch the entire path of a real product, from the moment of that in which you can touch. "

Infiniti Design Launch Contest - a time of brunch with chef Mirko Ronzoni

Infiniti Design Launch Contest - a time of brunch with chef Mirko Ronzoni

Infiniti Loop 3D Vinterio

Infiniti Loop 3D Vinterio

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