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iDogi Awards 2018: Elisabetta de Strobel selected for the category "Classical Hotel Public Space Design"

iDogi Awards 2018: Elisabetta de Strobel selected for the category "Classical Hotel Public Space Design" it has been modified: +2018 di terzomillennium

Venice, 19 November 2018 - The three days that saw the conclusion of the prestigious iDogi Awards international competition, dedicated to Luxury and now in its fourth edition, ended yesterday. Twenty selected projects for the final, including "Relais Le Chevalier" by Elisabetta de Strobel, Interior Designer and Art Director of the Terzomillennium communication agency.

Architectural firms from all over the world have presented contract and residential works that perfectly represent the concept of Classic Luxury, the protagonist of the competition, but also the cornerstone of the company that organizes it, iDogi®.

Chosen for the "Classical Hotel Public Space Design" category, Relais Le Chevalier by Elisabetta de Strobel is the spokesperson for a renovation that has taken into account and exalted a historic building, dating back to 1700, in the heart of Riga. natural light: the main objective was to illuminate a building that has only natural light on one side, coming from the windows on the façade. There are no other sources of lighting, except for a small inner courtyard that has been re-proposed as a winter garden, with a view of the glass balconies that lead to the individual rooms. To improve the amount of light, a wall of mirrors has been created that is well 6 meters high that emphasizes the luminous contribution from the foundations to the top floor.

"It is an honor for me to have been chosen among numerous international projects by a world-renowned jury," said Elisabetta de Strobel. "A unique company and competition of their kind, in the wonderful and evocative setting of Venice: this is an excellent opportunity to learn about and update on the best achievements related to the luxury classic, among experts who bring their philosophy into the world of high-end living ".

Elisabetta de Strobel awarded at "iDogi Awards 2018"

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