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LIVING GO! The design contest dedicated to the social room of the house

Design contest go living by formabilio
LIVING GO! The design contest dedicated to the social room of the house it has been modified: +2015 di Benedict Flowers

Formabilio launches Go Living, the forty-ninth international design contest dedicated to designers and interior design enthusiasts from all over the world. We have until August 31 2015 to propose their own projects of furniture and accessories for the living area.

Which kicks off today Go Living, the forty-ninth International contest - aimed at designers from around the world - launched by Formabilio, the Italian brand of furniture, lamps and furniture that supports the eco-design shared and made in Italy and promotes projects and aspiring designers through online contests.
It's like a little nest or majestic as a football field, it is the living space of the house that most describes the taste of those who live it. Crossroads of modern living, which requires flexibility, adaptability to changing family and lifestyle, the living area is the place where guests are received formally, that opens the enthusiasm of friends, to retreat in search of relax or where heat up in the evening with the pampering family.

Sofas, armchairs, chairs, ottomans, tables, furniture container and magazine rack, are the basic furnishings for a living worthy of the name. Proponeteceli as intelligent solutions, functional and design to decorate small or large living space.

The designer of the winning projects identified by the jury of Formabilio will be entitled to a fee of 7% on the sale of products on

Information about the contest:

The project applications must be sent - by using the appropriate section of the site -from hours from 10: 00 13 of July at 2015 18: 00 the 31 2015 August. Voting will close at 18: 00 7 September 2015 and the winners will be announced by October 8 2015.

For an insight into the requirements and participate in the contest: competition-design / goliving

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