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Extended the deadline of the contest DesignWinMake INNOVecento Edition

Extended the deadline of the contest DesignWinMake INNOVecento Edition it has been modified: 2016-10-03 di hill

Extended by 15 days the deadline for submission of proposals for the fourth edition of DesignWinMake INNOVecento Edition. The new edition for the first time brings the 3D print to the museum.

It's the banner of experimentation and art DesignWinMake (, The contest product design designed dall'ecommerce MakeTank ( And the web magazine of furniture and design (, Which this year can count on the partnership of Museo Novecento di Florence and of Kentstrapper, company that produces and sells 3D Open Source printers.

And 'in fact dedicated to the design of a unique object created by the application of 3D press in the museum field, the new DesignWinMake INNOVecento Edition. The goal of the competition is to award an object that combines design, art and architecture declining in original shapes the relationship between form and color, from geometric elements transformed into visual and volumetric pattern. The challenge is open to designers, makers and designers (individual, in groups or associations), taking the suggestions of some representative works of the twentieth century Museum in Florence -Inter-ena-cube Paul Scheggi; radial twist Franco Grignani e Total space: rhythmic progressions simultaneous iterative Mario Nigro - to design a product with a strong innovative value.

To enter the competition is required to fill in a form published on the website of enrollment and sending the project has been extended at October 17 2016. For all the technical specifications, please refer to the text of the notice available on the website of the competition. Participation in the contest is free.

The jury, composed of Laura Calligari (, Luciano Cantini (Kentstrapper), Laura De Benedetto (MakeTank) Valentina Gensini (Twentieth Century Museum of Florence) and Alessandro Zambelli (designer), will evaluate the projects and announce by October 3 2016 winner DesignWinMake INNOVecento Edition. The first prototype of the project winner will be made to the technical partner expenses Kentstrapper and characterized by DWM and INNOVecento logo. The awarding of the winning project will take place in Florence by December 2016.



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