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HERE'S "WOMAN": FIFTY SHADES OF DESIGN it has been modified: +2014 di jessica zannori

Formabilio Woman throws, the twenty-seventh contest dedicated to the creative and the incurable lovers of design and furniture. You have until April 7 to send their designs of furniture and home accessories inspired by the many facets of the female.

Woman leaves today, the twenty-seventh contest launched by Formabilio, the Italian brand that promotes sustainable design and participated in competitions for ideas aimed at designers and aspiring.

In this contest the designers and enthusiasts of furniture will tell through the projects of furniture and complements that stand in the complex world of women, choosing one of the infinite nuances of the female. The woman, you know, is mobile: there are women rational and angular, soft and cozy, linear and precise, creative and chaotic. Women multitasking or focused on a single goal. Those who think of home and family, all those devoted to work and those who juggles between home, family and work. And, again, the coalition group and those who make do on their own. Necessary and complex, cross and delight of the male universe.

The project application must be sent using the appropriate section of the site from the hours 10: 00 5 of March at 18: 00 of 7 April 2014.

To understand the requirements and participate in the contest:

The designer of the winning projects identified by the jury of Formabilio, besides the satisfaction of being produced, will be entitled to a fee of 7% on the sale of products on the site In the shop's site ( Furniture and furnishings that have won previous contests and have become exclusive products Formabilio brand, such as they are available:

760x430 banquet-table-2


Get together around a table, eating and living. Three bands of seemingly disconnected wood come together and give rise to a unique form that part rigidly with a right angle and then turn into fluid ribbon. Just like at the table, the food and being together they melt tensions initial thoughts then become fluid: the material and the metaphorical intertwine inextricably.
Designed by Elena Federico and created by Live in for Formabilio.

760x430 priscilla-in


Much more than a library, Priscilla is the evolution of the mobile belief / showcase. In front openings systems objects or books you want to show, hide while those who just want to store. Priscilla is a fresh and original furnishings to sort and organize your space creatively. Priscilla mounts easily, the structure is fixed by only 4 interlocking screws. Designed by Chiara Pellicano and produced by Live in for Formabilio.

760x430 racket-glove-3


Compartment decorative, to hang on the wall. The five frames can contain objects of various sizes: umbrellas, magazines, remote controls, jars with flowers etc. An innovative object with which to create an effect of the compositions, both in the case in which you want to exploit a wall emphasizing the decorative appearance, both in the case in which it is to be used to give a sense to the own disordered in creative ways. Thanks to the different shades of color Racket fits easily into any environment, enriching.
Designed by Ivana Mannavola and produced by Live in for Formabilio.

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