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HERE IS "IF IT WAS", THE NEW COMPETITION FOR YOUNG DESIGNERS LAUNCHED BY FORMABILIO it has been modified: 2013-10-28 di jessica zannori

Stuffed, stuffed, soft. It is not the description of a dessert but it will have to meet the requirements that the candidate projects for Had it, The eighteenth contest launched from the platform of design participated Formabilio.

We search the padded perfect, what can not miss in a house, and that is an essential component of the appearance of the room in which it is placed. In general, the design of the living room are evaluated in many ways long before buying a sofa or a chair, for example, the space available, the possible orientation of the furnishings, the measure footprint and style of the room. But the key issue concerns the stuffing: young and aspiring designers, architects and designers who will participate in the contest if it will have to undertake to identify the furniture upholstered comfortable. Projects must meet certain basic requirements:

the furniture must fall in the category "padded" (Sofas, chairs, pillows, ottomans, sofas, armchairs, ottomans, chaise footrest, daybed, futon, sofa bed, etc.) And must be achievable with the production capacities and materials - solid wood or panels, padded with various finishes - used by Formabilio's partner companies.

Another key requirement is the size of the package that must not exceed 230 cm in length and 30 kg weight for each package, So as not to affect too much on shipping. The plastics are not prohibited if used in small part, provided that the proposed elements are obtained from semi-finished or are components available on the market that do not require molds or equipment for their processing. At Last, projects must be able to be assembled and installed easily by those who buy them and guided by the principles of eco.

Proposals should be submitted using the appropriate section of the site from the 10: 00 23 of October at the 18.00 20 2013 November. The community Formabilio will have time to review each processed until at 18: 00 of December 4 and 2013 the winners will be announced until December 18 2013.

As always, then, the technical committee, formed by members of the manufacturers together with design experts and communication, will choose no less than 2 projects to prototype and commercialize the site but, following the philosophy of Formabilio, at least one of the projects chosen by the Board will be selected in the pink of 10 projects that have received the highest rating from the community. For the winners, plus the satisfaction of being produced, Formabilio recognize a fee of 7% on the proceeds of the sale on the site

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