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Hearts and Diamonds 3820 Arrows® urban creativity to overturn the concept of luxury

6 Architect Silvia Donato
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When luxury meets art is born a synergy shocking, made of strong and inventive experiments.

The brand Hearts and Diamonds 3820 Arrows® This opens the urban creativity distorting the concept "classic" luxury. Mark revolutionary and daring, launches a novelty, for the first time in the history of the diamonds sold in blister, From the client the possibility to admire excellence only cut Hearts and Arrows directly from the box, without having to open the seals. Rare diamonds, quality, for a consolidated investment in time and that over time increases its value.

For the costudire perfect diamond, One invents "contemporary setting" in wood OSB totally recycled material, which focuses on the respect for the environment and at the same time becomes the object cool for those who love to stand out in life and make choices in which ethics and aesthetics coincide. The inspiration is the wooden boxes, the typical "travel packages" of yore. A packaging that tells of distant worlds, To postpone the natural origins of the diamond, to its innermost essence: the land from which it comes. All 'inside of the casket from the tools gemologist: Allen key to open the blister, the tray to support the diamond and a loupe to experience the thrill of the discovery of diamond Hearts and Arrows.

But the brand 3820 Hearts and Arrows® is a combination of cutting-edge experimentations, This creates the contest 3820 Box Of Dreams, and calling upon the world of creativity for an event not to be missed: realize the new look of the wooden box OSB to create a collection of unique and exclusive pieces like diamonds 3820 Hearts and Arrows® kept inside.

She wins the contest ARCH. DONATO SILVIA with the "FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS" Who has not had to fight for a DREAM? L 'ECO - wooden box OSB has been reinvented and personalized with drawings made by hand, using water based non-toxic colors, enclosing their versatility in color, the theme of the dream, which extends on each side of the box. It 'a DREAM to be conquered and chased, is a DREAM made of bright colors, as bright as the many facets of a diamond.

The other designers and architects: Architect Sandra Faggiano, Cristina D'agati Architect, Architect Maurizio Angelillis, Rebirth Italy, Francesca, Margherita, Giulia Straw, Alessandra Fani, have enriched the contest with unexpected ingredients: rice paper, ceramic, metal foil, Velcro strips waste water seals, bio-plastic, non-toxic water-based colors, fabric.

A mix of art, fashion and design to honor and let the world know the perfect diamond!

6 Architect Silvia Donato

WINNER Arch. Silvia Donato

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS - materials: water based non-toxic colors.

1 Architect Maurizio Angelillis

Architect Maurizio Angelillis - Laotong - Material: rice paper.

2 Architect Cristina Dagati

Architect Cristina D'agati - LIGHT-UP - Material: Ceramic.

3 Architect Sandra Faggiano

Architect Sandra Faggiano - Pack_I lOVE YOUmaterial: Velcro strips waste water + tubes + seals.


Brand REBIRTH ITALY - Description: material: SHEET METAL keeps the shine unchanged in time (fully recyclable) - SKIN (from recovery).

7 Architect Alessandra Fani

Architect Alessandra Fani"My intimate" - Materials: fabric, studs.


Designers Francesca, Margherita, Giulia Paglia - Store a diamond, nurturing a flower - material: bio-plastic.

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