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"ADD ON" THE NEW COMPETITION FOR YOUNG DESIGNERS TO BE LAUNCHED FORMABILIO it has been modified: 2013-09-25 di jessica zannori

You have until October 9 Add on to participate in the new contest launched by the platform design participated Formabilio and aimed at young designers and aspiring designers.

Participants are asked to devise the complement of furniture for excellence, The object with its shape, appearance, size and function adds, improves or complements the overall view of an environment. A sign, a note, touch the fi nal design that complements to make it functional, versatile and attractive furnishings, enhancing the style.

While adding, should be neither trivial nor redundant, it must have an autonomous and independent character but never dominating, in short, must be the best complement to a furniture could want.

Projects must meet certain basic requirements: represent a piece of furniture (so they can not be candidates furniture designs, lamps, gifts, fashion, ceramics, kitchen utensils, pots and toys), should be achievable with production capacities and materials - solid wood or panels, padded with various fi nish - used by companies partners Formabilio. Another fundamental requirement is that the dimensions must not exceed cm long and 230 30 kg for each package, so as not to impact too much on shipping. In the end, the projects must be able to be assembled and installed easily by those who buy them and guided by the principles of ecodesign. Proposals must be sent using the appropriate section of the site from the hours of 10.00 12 September and no later than the 18.00 9 of October.

The community Formabilio will have time to vote no to the elaborate fi hours of 18.00 23 October and the winners will be announced until November 6. As always, then, the technical committee, formed by members of the manufacturers together with design experts and communication, will choose no less than 2 projects to prototype and commercialize the site but, following the philosophy of Formabilio, at least one of the projects chosen by the Board will be selected in the pink of 10 projects that have received the highest rating from the community. For the winners, plus the satisfaction of being produced, Formabilio recognize a fee of 7% on the proceeds of the sale on the site
To participate and learn more about the contest:

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