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Infiniti Design De-contest - "Café Club": determined the winner project

Infiniti Design Club Cafe De contest the winner Social Design Magazine
Infiniti Design De-contest - "Café Club": determined the winner project it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di Leide Lanzi

Infiniti Design Club Cafe De contest the winner Social Design Magazine

Creativity, innovation and technology are three features always present in products Infiniti. These same characteristics have also emerged strongly in the design of Philippe Tabet, "Ruelle", the jury has designated as the winner of 'Infiniti Design De-contest 2014, Entitled "Club Cafe".

The fourth edition of the De-contest Infiniti proposed a theme is not easy to treat for designers: making the combined chair + coffee table, designed for the community. Of the more than 500 projects, come from well 28 countries around the world, he developed the young French designer appeared, unanimously, the one that best responded to the guidance provided by the notice.

Philippe Tabet with "Ruelle" it has appropriately considered not only the values ​​of brand Infiniti, but also ergonomic requirements and design eco-sustainable demand.

Ruelle is a collection with a table and chair, which is distinguished by clean lines, and especially for an interesting use of materials: very different from each other (wood, aluminum, cast iron, metal extrusion), but combined in a skilful. Ruelle was immediately shown to the jury as a series well-defined personality, born from a detailed analysis of the company and as required by the notice.

To select the winner Alberto Boldo, Sales supervision of Infiniti, Victor VasilevKnown architect and designer, Paola Goppion, The Goppion Coffee spa, Andrea Pirruccio journalist of the renewed magazine interior.

Given the quality of the projects it was decided to award an honorable mention and to do so by involving the "jury" of Faceboook, a first for the De-contest that shows the increasing willingness of the company to the world 2.0, symptom than the client and his views are always the first to post Infiniti, also thanks to a direct contract through the new media. On the Facebook page, "Infiniti Design" ( They have been proposed seven processed, pre-selected by the jury. All the fans, but not only, they were then invited to express their opinion by clicking "Like" on the most interesting project.

The result has rewarded Giovanni Galli e Francesco Ravasio with the project Cofwe.

"We are very pleased with this fourth edition of the De-contest - Begins Alberto Baldo sales supervisor Infiniti -. Young people in the race questa'anno from around the world and have proven to be careful to call and what is required "The theme chosen was successful: "We were not sure that the subject of the contest this year would be developed properly by all - explains Boldo - the contract is in fact an area difficult to treat, especially for a designer and studio that is facing. Given the results, but we were wrong, and we can only congratulate everyone, especially with the winner "

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