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3DPRINTforAID a new contest promoted by MakeTank and Thingarage to reward socially useful objects printed in 3D

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3DPRINTforAID a new contest promoted by MakeTank and Thingarage to reward socially useful objects printed in 3D it has been modified: 2014-07-24 di Benedict Flowers

An object printed in 3D can change a person's life or that of a community? The revolution of 3D printing can make the world a better place?

"We are convinced," said Laura De Benedetto, co-founder of MakeTank (, The platform of the Italian Maker "and for this reason we decided to join 3DPRINTforAID.

A project born from an idea of ​​Thingarage (, With the collaboration of the technical partner Vectorealism, which aims to reward socially beneficial products made with the technique of printing 3D ".

3DPRINTforAID ( Is a contest designed to overcome the idea that the only logical answer 3D printing market based on the wishes of individuality and exclusivity. The culmination of the contest is not the market, but the quality of people's lives.

The goal is to create an object printed in 3D able to solve a specific problem or to become a humanitarian aid for populations in developing countries.

"The call this time turn to the Maker and Designer"Adds Laura De Benedetto, "Is to design an object is not 'cool' in terms of design, but useful to solve a real problem. We want to show that the techniques of Digital Fabrication is a perfect tool for the designer self-producers, but also a driving force of the Third Industrial Revolution, one of the few able to limit the negative impact of heavy industry and support the emergence of a model production more sustainable: the diffuse factory ".

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Participation in the competition is free and open to designers, individual or in groups, active throughout Europe.

To subscribe, go to the website (, Fill out the form and send the documents required by Tuesday 23 September 2014.

Project evaluation will be based on five criteria: social utility, design innovation, low production costs, maximum functionality, simple feasibility.

The jury of the contest consists of: Antonello Balestrieri (CEO and co-founder Thingarage); Beatrice Costa (department director Action Aid Italy); Laura De Benedetto (co-founder MakeTank); Riccardo Luciani (director and co-founder Impact Hub Florence); Eleonora Rich (designer and entrepreneur - Vectorealism). The prototype of the winning project will be implemented by partners Vectorealism.

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"Why participate in the contest 3DPRINTforAID? I rather ask: why not do it "Says Antonello Balestrieri of Thingarage, "3DPRINTforAID is an ideal contest for a Maker: he opened a brief, very few constraints, leaves great room for creativity and the fantasy. And most of all is for a good cause: to improve the living conditions of the less fortunate. And 'certainly the most ambitious contest that Thingarage has hosted on the platform since its inception, but we are sure that will give us great satisfaction. "

The areas on which designers should focus? Beatrice Costa Action Aid has no doubts: "We would like the Digital Fabrication contribute to the promotion of the rights of small farmers in the world, with innovations that affect them, but also creations designed for women, so that they may not have to suffer more discrimination and violence as it still happens today in the world. Inventions with high technological content that bridge the gap of lack of data and access to information for the most excluded will be the key to not (pre) occupy more than hunger, poverty and exclusion in the future. "