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HOM thermal furnishing accessories, design Davide Vercelli

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HOM thermal furnishing accessories, design Davide Vercelli it has been modified: 2014-10-20 di Benedict Flowers

Hom is a Collection thermal furnishing accessories designed by Davide Vercelli to warm, dry, decorate and save energy in the contemporary home.

HOM is one of the winners of the ADI Ceramics Design Award 2014 born from the collaboration between ADI and Cersaie.

The HOM collection was presented at the last Cersaie after about three years of experimentation carried out by the designer Davide Vercelli for the Rotfil company (owner of the technology and of the HOM brand) in collaboration with the Materials Science Department of the Polytechnic of Turin.

Davide Vercelli is a designer who for over twenty years has been developing highly innovative projects in the bathroom sector (among many, it is enough to mention the collections of taps for Ritmonio) and also on this occasion he tried to produce something that was in fact lacking.

"Looking at the current towel warmers" explains Vercelli "I realized that in reality they were objects created to warm the environment, so I dedicated myself to the study of a new type of products designed not to warm the environment but to be a real drying support."

The work started with a particular electrical resistance (Rotfil technology) incorporated in a "tile" during the sintering process, ie while the powders are pressed at very high temperatures from which the special heating tile will be born. Then, inserted into special molds, the same tile will become the soul of five products with a well-defined design and identity: the Basic shelf, the Zig Zag stool, the Shield towel holder, the Radiator warmer object and the shelf room heater H Pad.

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“Thinking about energy saving, with Rotfil we have created elements designed to transfer maximum heat to the objects placed on them, in the shortest possible time. Their heating core has a considerable thermal inertia. It means that if we turn on, for example, the Basic shelf for a few minutes, it will keep and transfer the heat it has accumulated for a few tens of minutes after it is turned off (it also depends on the environmental conditions). From the point of view of consumption, it is as if we turned on a traditional 100 watt bulb for a few minutes. The bulb heats up immediately and, as soon as it is turned off, it cools down just as quickly, while the HOM products, even if they are turned off, are able to use all the installed power in heat for a long time. " DV

The recognition of the ADI Ceramics Design Award 2014, however, rewarded not only the technological innovation of the product but also the way in which it enhances the design of the HOM collection. "I wanted to create a collection of innovative furnishings that could be set discreetly in the most contemporary bathrooms and spas, as well as in those with a slightly retro taste." DV

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From this concept were born minimal objects such as the Basic and H Pad shelves, but also more distinctive objects, such as the Shield towel warmer and the Zig Zag stool. Despite its size (it weighs about 20 kg and is made of "monolith ipergres", a trademark registered by Laboratorio Pesaro, supplier of the material), the Zig Zag is easily movable, can also be set outdoors, is anti-freeze and also resistant to acid attacks and saltiness. The Radiator, on the other hand, is the only product designed to heat the environment, and manages to do so very effectively, thanks to the characteristics of the internal heating tile.

Particular attention was paid by Rotfil to the economic effects of design and technological innovation. In fact, the most innovative products often have a high price. In this case, however, with the exception of the Zig Zag stool, the price of HOM products is interesting and accessible for the general public.

Rotfil strongly believes in this collection and will soon introduce new pieces, including new colors in the current range proposed.

“In my professional history I have helped to develop many new products and many brands. I believe that with HOM, however, we are faced with a typological innovation that for characteristics, performance, price ... and above all for the vision of the owner Rotfil, has all the numbers to become a success and a true case history in the furniture sector in general. . " DV

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