Salone del Mobile 2014

Kitchen Becomes open! Fuorisalone 2014

Tmong the first companies to move in this direction, valcucine opens the door to experimentation with models of participatory innovation to address then new production processes based on open source design.

Once again the Friulian company encourages in a new way the return to manual skills, to the ability to create connections, to create.

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Demode with IrideFixed Modena to Red Hook Criterium

Yes, from this year demodeLike many other kitchen brands in the past, enters the world of sport ... and sport!
Races with track bikes in city driving. And no brakes! A discipline conceived one night in March of 2008 from David Trimble August, A New York architect cycling enthusiast, who celebrate his birthday challenge friends in the industrial area of ​​Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn in an illegal drag race that takes place in 30 rounds by a mile all to deal with bike fixed gear and brakeless. Today the race has become a real championship and we have chosen our team.

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Demode (engineered by Valcucine) has Mechanics

The widespread trend in favor of eco-sustainability increasingly leads to the development of products, called eco-chic, but completely at odds with the economic possibilities of the young: the project demode want to solve this problem by giving the opportunity to buy an eco-friendly product at affordable prices. mechanics is a revolutionary system of eco-sustainable kitchen is the fact that price: a real product of "democratic modern design."

To achieve these results, demode (engineered by Valcucine) has reinvented the kitchen furniture system by working on maximum simplification of the structure: a series of iron pipe, easily assembled "DIY", constitute the frame of the furniture of Mechanics. Not using glues are avoided carcinogenic formaldehyde emissions.

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Product Selection

SDM Products Selection, a selection of design products able to improve the liveability of indoor and outdoor spaces, while at the same time expressing a mood.


The guarantee of responsibility for life at the center of sustainability Valcucine

One of the most vital and interesting nucleus of the Milanese panorama, the Brera area, promoted by Brera Design District of which Valcucine has been the main sponsor since 2010, is ready to come alive once again with special events at the 2012 Fuorisalone.

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