When design becomes DIY

The crisis is known, the mother of invention.

The design items often are the result of the use of simple raw materials research, perhaps recycled. In addition to the products on the market, there are many opportunities to fulfill ourselves a good product design.

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Boiler, incentives and maintenance: extended until December 31 2014, 65% of the ecobonus

E 'was extended until December 31 2014, the ecobonus of 65% for interventions aimed at energy saving and deductions of 50% for renovations and the purchase of furniture and appliances

In times of economic hardship may seem excessive spending, but the replacement of the old boiler can be, right now, a strategic and forward-looking to reduce consumption on heating.

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Renovation of an apartment in a few interventions

Not always restructure means disrupting the internal composition of an apartment. There are in fact, in the real estate assets of a few decades ago, apartments with simple patterns, in central corridors and separate rooms that long ago could be perfect for the average family, but today every square inch is essential, the dimensions are reduced, and it is necessary to adapt the internal composition of the house to the new requirements.

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