Transformation of a 60s building into a modern villa

Transformation of a 60s building into a modern villa it has been modified: 2014-07-08 di virgilio accounts

AlmaRenowned brand of wood flooring internationally and brand of the historic company Giorio, has made available its parquet for the renovation of a building years 60 located in Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN), transformed into a luxurious villa on 4 plans on Project Architect Dario Castellino.

The complexity in the recovery of a building typical of the years 60 is given in part by the large dispersions of this type of structure from a thermal point of view and in part by the criticality of the structural dimensioning are not compatible with the current rules level seismic. The architect Castellino has, therefore, devised a general diagram of the caknows 4 built on large walls parallel to each other, with a light wooden roof covering the entire volume, creating two opposing sides closed two large openings with large windows.




The villa is today a luxurious four levels: A basement used as a cellar space for wine storage, with an area dedicated to the maturing of cheeses and meats. A ground floor used as a guesthouse for the frequent visits of international guests recalled from the core business of the client, a historic business of processing of mushrooms and truffles. Hence the direct access to the upper floors by stairs or elevator: the first floor, the heart of the house opens onto a large living room that one side is a glimpse of the kitchen area and the bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, while on the ' another gives access to outdoor terraces and swimming pool. The top floor is the top floor: it is a large balcony with open staircase to day, almost a unique environment on two levels, with a study area and a guest room, a laundry room and a recreation area.




The wood has become the protagonist of this transformation: not only thanks to the under roof closing the upper part of the house but also thanks to the presence of Teak parquet antique Alma color similar to that of the cover, so as to create the parallel planes of the same material and the same color. Teak has always been considered a noble wood of great value which is characterized by the tone and the typical golden-brown streaks ranging from yellow to bronze, until nero. 





"The use of Teak has proved essential in order to achieve the goal that the architect had set for himself - comments Alessandro Giorio, president of Giorio - the proximity to the color of the roof, his veins as well as the quality and hardness of the material made us immediately understand that it was the best solution. It is one of the most durable wood that blends gracefully with any decor while adding a unique touch to the environment. "


The parquet Teak Alma have been used on three floors, covering the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room: the main areas of family life. The wood was arranged perpendicularly to the walls, but not on the length to the width, so as to expand the spaces, while the white bands, in correspondence of the inner walls, have been used to create interesting color contrasts acts to highlight the heat provided by the parquet.

A first floor large window opens onto an outdoor terrace on which dominates a Zen garden, which leads to a relaxing environment that features a large indoor pool and a sauna. Alma also provided the WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) for the outside areas of the house: it is a composite material that combines the natural look of wood with the practicality of plastics. It is mainly used in outdoor environments as requiring less maintenance, is ideal for decorating open spaces such as swimming pools, gardens, terraces, walkways, as to be considered the next generation of decking.





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