Tamassociati: the Italian study among the Masters of Architecture!

Banca Popolare Etica - PADUA
Tamassociati: the Italian study among the Masters of Architecture! it has been modified: 2014-05-17 di jessica zannori

Tamassociati, The study of Italian architecture that thanks to its cutting-edge achievements in Italy and in the world has recently received prestigious international awards, enters the necklace of the Masters of Architecture,

that by 18 March is on newsstands with a dossier exclusively dedicated to thought, to projects and constructions of the study.

Interviews, images and insights on projects ranging from hospitals built around the world on behalf of Emergency to the GPHouse in Giudecca (VE), from the COFILOC headquarters in Codroipo (UD) to the eco-headquarters of Banca Popolare Etica (PD), passing through the new piazza Marconi in San Giorgio Piacentino (PC) to numerous other projects in Italy and in the world, up to the anticipation of the delivery of two large co-housing projects (which will take place in the summer of 2014), one in Villorba (TV) other in San Lazzaro (BO), both - a unique case in Italy - promoted, designed and built by an architectural firm, namely the Tamassociati, and already become case studies by numerous Italian public administrations and international observers.

"We have a clear desire - say the Tamassociati: that the proposed architecture is rooted always in respect to human beings and the environment; in this way the architect creates new meanings and opportunities for people, in harmony with the space and places. "

The file can be bought or booked at all Italian newsstands.

Hospice Salam - SUDAN

Paediatric Centre in Nyala - Sudan

Co-housing San Lazzaro BO

Cohousing Villorba - TREVISO

Hospital Port Sudan SUDAN

founders Tamassociati

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