Restored the Rainbow Tower in Milan

Rainbow Tower Milan
Restored the Rainbow Tower in Milan it has been modified: 2015-10-01 di Benedict Flowers

The Rainbow Tower in Milan has been recently renovated, a tribute to the city and the Expo visitors 2015.

The restructuring sponsored by the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with the Italian Railway Network, Gruppo FS Italiane, and a group of companies that have joined those that in the 1990 transformed it from a water reservoir to a reference point and symbol of the city's creativity from Milan.

The Tower dating back to the 1964 and an anonymous water tank once included in the perimeter of the important railway station of the Milan Porta Garibaldi Railway Station was the subject of a first renovation on the occasion of the soccer world championships hosted by Italy in the 1990, which transformed a 'degraded service work in a very recognizable urban sign.

In fact, since then, the Arcobaleno Tower has been a very significant presence for the Milanese capital, a distinctive symbol of Milanese color and creativity, becoming over the years a point of orientation for the city.

Some important companies joined those who took care of the first 1990 regeneration so that this particular urban project - characterized by more than 100.000 colored tiles that cover it - could reoccur for the extraordinary occasion of 2015 Expo in the brightness of 25 years ago.

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The area of ​​the nearby Piazza Garibaldi Gae Aulenti is recognized as the nerve center of "Milan to drink," Fashion and Modern Architecture.


Partner companies of the redevelopment works of the Arcobaleno Tower, which took place under the patronage of the Councilorship for public works and urban furniture of the City of Milan and hosted by the Italian State Railways, are Bazzea - ​​B Construction Technology, Condor, Fila Solutions, Mapei and Marazzi.

The architect of the project and the organization of the works, today as in 1990, is the Architecture Division of the Milanese Original Designers studio 6R5 Network, in particular with the professionals Francesco Roggero, Albino Pozzi, Rita Alfano Roggero and Kiyoto Ishimoto.

The redevelopment - whose costs have been fully assumed by the companies and architects gathered around the project - is a tribute to Milan and to the millions of visitors that the city will host on the occasion of Expo 2015. The work was completed in only 71 days, employing 37 employees.

The Rainbow Tower is part of the project Wonderline, developed by Original Designers 6R5 Network, which for some years has linked the theme of Color with various initiatives in the world of art and architecture. The colors of the Rainbow Tower represent the desire to live the planet in an intelligent and harmonious way between technology, nature, innovation and tradition.

The Garibaldi area of ​​the nearby Piazza Gae Aulenti is recognized as the nerve center of the "Milan to drink", of Fashion and modern Architecture. The area, redesigned today by futuristic skyscrapers, finds in the Rainbow Tower its "Colored Ceramic Totem", there to remember the Italian Ceramist Masters and the artisan origins of an industry recognized worldwide as the excellence of Made in Italy.

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During the soccer World Cup hosted by Italy in 1990, it was transformed into a work of service degraded urban sign very recognizable, the current Rainbow Tower.

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