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Leonia project: A web platform on creative reuse with best practices and standards for designers and artists. Leonia is a research project conceived and developed by Izmo, Aimed at providing designers and artists a theoretical basis and rules for the use of reuse and dell'autocostruzione methodologies in urban redevelopment.

The project is targeting the entire community of professionals, craftsmen, artists and, more generally, stakeholders on sustainability issues, the creative reuse and installations in public spaces. The results of the research, disseminated through the web platform of the project are divided into three areas: "Waste - how to bring it","Installation - how to put in the public space" and "Self-made designs - how to put them on the market"

In addition, a section dedicated to best practice, In which are collected examples of installations, furniture and design objects made with recycled materials from international artists and designers. The research has made use of the scientific coordination of Environment Park for the part relating to waste management and the life cycle of materials and external for that relating to the themes of the installations in the public space and the self-made design. The project website is a quick and easily accessible platform that allows you to share and exchange views and best practices, and export similar experiences in other contexts.

For artists and designers can enter on the website products or installations, accompanied by a brief description. For public officials or waste manager (working in the field of waste management), you can share information on legislation that, in their country of origin rule recovery of waste, the location of installations in public space and the sale of objects design of self-produced. Izmo research also forms of collaboration and partnership to expand and spread the Project Leonia.

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