Niannujiao Jiaoding Flagship Concept Store by Prism Design

Niannujiao Jiaoding Flagship Concept Store
Niannujiao Jiaoding Flagship Concept Store by Prism Design it has been modified: 2018-11-03 di Benedict Flowers

The "Niannujiao / Jiaoding" brand is a female brand in which two brands are put together in a space.

Target customers are women between the ages of 30 and 40. Women of this age exude a unique charm, they are beautiful Young girls may be relaxed about life, but they are different.

They are used to explore themselves. we have long noticed two different brand characteristics. But this design has to be put together in one space.

Nian Nujia has an elegant and clear edge. Jiaoding is the power of modern fashion and simplicity. We decided to focus on neutrality without breaking the two personalities. The new concept is 'balanced neutral'
We explore the neutral balance without breaking everything. Style, color, human line, function, SKU, etc. We have always balanced the neutrality of the two brands. It is we are exploring such a new golden ratio.

The world is full of many things and information. People's hearts are affected by it. They are looking for a simpler, more natural and more balanced lifestyle. Nian Nujia / Jiao Ding is a collection brand that reflects it.


Lead Design Team: PRISM DESIGN
Collaboration Design Team: DA Interior Design Ltd.

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