Children's shoe store in the world of dreams and creativity

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Children's shoe store in the world of dreams and creativity it has been modified: 2017-09-12 di Benedict Flowers

To design the Fly Pony children's shoe store Prism Design has inspired the world of dreams by creating a concept where not everything is defined, in white spaces children can draw in order to cultivate their creativity.

In the magical city of Shanghai, people talk about a boy named Tim, who came from a small town. Every day in his dream, Tim entered a wonderful magical world. All the shoes he wore were full of magic and stories. In one of his dreams, Tim was involved in an adventure, he needed to find a flying pony.

Pony shoes have five major DNA brands, they are: protection, magic, French style, encouragement and education. For adults who want their baby to have a bright and healthy future, Fly Pony is a great choice.

“In the Fly Pony shoe shop, eight colors represented Tim's dream world. We used the golden color to show Tim's strong courage, passion and innocence. The abstract of the street in Shanghai where Tim lives is the symbol of the world in his dreams ”.

The magnetic points have the function of making the exposure of the shoes magically free, while the whole white part of the boards can be drawn by children. This could help nurture their creativity.

Colored points are actually two types of support points: fixed and mobile points. The mix of these points blends function and fantasy. The back of the green points can mount hangers. Other color points have the magnet in the back and can be arranged freely. The shelves could be placed on top of those hangers to show their shoes. In addition, the coat racks could be used to show the clothes. They could be organized as needed.

In conclusion, Fly Pony is a children's shoe store that can offer a great shopping experience for both kids and adults.



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