MVRDV Green Villa, a building for residences and offices covered with green in large vases

MVRDV Green Villa
MVRDV Green Villa, a building for residences and offices covered with green in large vases it has been modified: 2019-09-03 di Benedict Flowers

MVRDV, leader in the field of architectural design able to safeguard functionality, innovation and aesthetic sense, impresses the true lovers of design thanks to the realization of the project of Green Villa, a building specially set up to accommodate different people residences totally immersed in greenery.

The operational launch of the project takes place after a careful and punctual analysis work, carried out with enthusiasm and determination by the professionals of the changing world, who every day experiment with intuitive ways and parameters to create a boundless balance between novelty, urban planning and architecture of the new millennium.

Structure, project and main mission of the construction of the Green Villa

The construction of the Green Villa, according to what we learn from verified sources, should start in the 2020 and actively engage different protagonists in the urban development of the cities, in the protection of the design and in the promotion of new techniques of employment able to upset the way of understanding the concept of research.

MVRDV Green Villa

MVRDV architects have designed Green Villa together with Van Boven Architecten which has developed and given the starting point to the project and which currently shows great interest in carrying forward the realization of an innovative and useful structure from every point of view.

The extreme functionality of the villa is dictated by the simple fact that it can host a real residential complex surrounded by greenery.

The building will in fact house at least 5 families (which will occupy the same number of apartments), several offices engaged by a real estate professional and a large underground car park that extends over its entire surface in an optimal manner.

Plants, flowers and respect for the environment

The Green Villa follows a totally different structure from the other buildings present in the surrounding and the motivation of this choice cannot be considered fruit of the case, but part of a research on the buildings without façade and on the subject of the greening, as Winy Maas, partner states founder of MVRDV .

Plants, bushes and trees will be placed on vases of different sizes positioned at the various levels of the building.

MVRDV Green Villa

Van Boven Architecten, as well as the vast majority of the components of MVRDV architects, fully understand what it means to respect and protect the environment. A varied range of plants, flowers and other floral elements with a strong decorative impact will complete the wonderful picture of what can be considered as a true architectural work of art.

MVRDV Green Villa

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