HOUSES HUF HAUS A MADE EXPO 2013 it has been modified: +2013 10-02-XNUMX di eggired

The German company presents the new line at the fair modum:

It 'was founded in 1912 but is one of the most innovative companies in the field of prefabricated houses High range: HUF HAUS
He has chosen the appointment of Milan MADE Expo 2013 (Pad Stand 2 F01 G02) to present to the public the new line
homesmodum: A summary ofdesign and building expertise.

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The technology of the German brand blends fact the tradition of wood frame the use of glasses of the latest
generation of high energy efficiency. The result are buildings of contemporary style, characterized by open spaces and
bright and large glass surfaces that give the whole structure an essential character and a seamless connection
continuity between exterior and interior.
In homes HUF HAUF nature seems to happen directly within the domestic space to be part of it in all respects.

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Care for the environment is not limited only to appearance but is also expressed in the very low impact
building energy, thanks to a construction system that eliminates any thermal bridge and does not use substances
potentially harmful to health.
Modular and fully customizable, The houses HUF HAUS are always tailored in different
lines and made"Keys in hand".
The advice, on request, can also be extended to the design of the interior (including saunas and swimming pools!)
without neglecting the necessary procedures buildings.

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The company designs and builds prefabricated houses tailored aimed at a market of medium-high.
To date there have been built over 10.000 worldwide, 800 in Switzerland alone, and achievements continue with a
pace of 3 new homes a week. Production is concentrated in Germany where the company employs about 450
employees who develop housing solutions tailored to customer requirements.

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To HUF HAUS is a real "System house" that includes every element of the house: the design of the garage and the kitchen; cabinets and furniture of each room to the realization of wellness facilities, indoor and outdoor pools.

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