Multifunctional Self Service Laundry, tradition, innovation and nature

Multifunctional Self Service Laundry, tradition, innovation and nature it has been modified: 2021-06-29 di Benedict Flowers

The Self Service Laundry project was born from the need to respond to a demanding request from the customer, who wanted one laundry area and, at the same time, he wanted to offer a personalized service for the treatment of garments. This space is meant to be a harmonious space that provides a lounge area for people to have a comfortable space waiting for the washing and drying equipment to finish.

For the development of the project concept, the duality between traditional and modern, with emphasis on nature. The aim was to create a modern and innovative environment, which reflected the evolution of a company that seeks practical solutions for the management of its daily life, while bringing back the memory of traditional community washing machines.

The space that comes from merger of two stores, has been divided into a self-service area and a specialized service area, which will have a shorter hours and, therefore, acts as a physical barrier created by means of a "checkerboard metal gate", which align with the ceramic metric on the walls of boundary.

Le green colored pottery they were chosen as an allusion to the ceramics used in the ancient wash houses, to recover the memories of those places that recall the social aspects linked to the collection of water. The floor is made of microcement which, in addition to using current aesthetic solutions, is suitable for areas with high traffic of people, as well as a good option to be totally waterproof, without joints or sealants, facilitating maintenance.

With the use of hanging plants, we intend to emphasize nature through the lightness and freshness of the space while using it. Under the plants we find a marble worktop for clothes that takes us back to those old tubs with stone tops that are used to beat the garments.

Project info

Project name: Self Service Laundry
Office: study + Civiurban
Architects: Ulisses Costa
Location: Vila Meã - Amarante
Conclusion year: 2019
Build Area: 200 sqm
Client: Jul & Kim - Actividades Imobiliárias

Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio
Website from the photographer:

List of Manufacturers

1. ALELUIA CERÂMICAS - Indoor ceramic tiles “Urban Atelier”, Handmade finishing 10 × 10;
2. TROMILUX - Ceiling lighting
3. FLOS - Wall lighting "Glo-Ball"
3. Microcement - Microcement floors, Natural finish;

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