The workplace according to Bartoli Design: material, welcoming and elegant.

The workplace according to Bartoli Design: material, welcoming and elegant. it has been modified: 2019-10-19 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

A complete renovation, the one signed by Bartoli Design for the headquarters of an associated professional firm.

The architects have realized a project in line with the needs of style and use, for the well-being of employees and visitors who find a comfortable environment to welcome them.

Inside a '50' building, Anna and Paolo Bartoli started from the union of two adjacent apartments, for a total of 320 square meters, to then concentrate on redefining the volumes, in order to eliminate wall irregularities, and on scanning of environments, creating spatial solutions designed to combine efficiency and usability and create a workplace with the same care with which it is customary to design a home.

After the renovation works, Bartoli Design defined and gave identity to the space, creating a contemporary, essential and material environment, bright, welcoming and elegant.
To satisfy all these needs, in addition to the customer's having numerous solutions for the document archive, the architects proposed custom-made furniture, renewing their long-standing collaboration with Laurameroni. The company has in fact taken care of the construction of wainscoting, cabinets, door systems and other furnishings specifically designed for the project.

Natural materials, neutral and light colors, details and finishes have created a balanced mix of sophisticated design and home feeling, giving life to a stimulating atmosphere.

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