HI-MACS® gives a new look to the London residential complex Artillery Mansions

Artillery Mansions, London
HI-MACS® gives a new look to the London residential complex Artillery Mansions it has been modified: 2018-11-21 di Cavalleri Communication

FORMstudio has reconfigured and refurbished a residential London apartment using HI-MACS in the Alpine White shade.

Over the years the ways of living the house have changed and therefore the way of interacting with the single rooms has also changed; for this reason, during restructuring, nowadays we often proceed to redistribute the different environments.

This is also what happened in the case of the Artillery Mansions, houses built in the nineties in the south-west area of ​​London and recently renovated thanks to the intervention of FORMstudio. According to the initial project, the housing units in fact lacked airiness and usability: the entrance door, for example, led into an L-shaped corridor without windows and ... with fire doors!

Malcolm Crayton, Director of FORMstudio, declares: "It is the duty of the architects to enhance the environments, creating compact and suitable spaces for their use. The large surfaces sacrificed by poor design make no sense. Better small, but well organized, than big and disorganized ".

The design studio, in collaboration with the partner Mike Neale, chose HI-MACS® in Alpine White to give life to a fundamental element for the definition and separation of the environments: a central block that hides inside a practical location home office, with solid surface desk and shelves with integrated LED lighting. With great imagination, so, the passage space that was previously dark and little exploited, has become bright and above all useful for the life of the apartment. "The client asked us for a sturdy desk, but able to fit perfectly into the white and refined modern aesthetic of the apartment, so we thought about this completely custom-made HI-MACS® solution, visually light and above all incredibly resistant". Mike Neal "Why HI-MACS®? It is not a simple aesthetic or tailor made ... but since the desks are often exposed to scratches and stains, it was necessary to use an easily cleaned and very resistant material. HI-MACS® was undoubtedly the best choice ".

Artillery Mansions, London

Artillery Mansions, London

The solid surface block is placed between the kitchen, and the passage that connects the entrance door to the remaining living area. The absence of partition walls, thus, generates brightness and airiness, but the presence of the home office station mitigates the dispersive effect typical of large lofts.

In compliance with the initial design and the building standards, special attention was paid to fire safety, but this time with two full-height doors and flush with the walls, perfectly integrated into the architecture of the space.
The project is completed by the bathrooms, finished with a mosaic of gray glass blocks that, in contrast to the Douglas-Larch fir-tree floor, creates an enveloping, warm and extremely elegant environment.

Thanks to the new configuration of the spaces, the entire apartment is now more suited to the needs and lifestyle of the owner.

Artillery Mansions, London

Artillery Mansions, London

Artillery Mansions, London

Artillery Mansions, London

Artillery Mansions, London

On the design study:
FORMstudio is a RIBA Chartered based in London. His ambition is to create places that can be inhabited and lived in a natural and instinctive way - pleasant places pervaded by a feeling of simple tranquility.


Project Name:
Artillery Mansions, London
General contractor:
Volute London Ltd
HI-MACS® Alpine White
© Bruce Hemming / Mike Neale
HI-MACS® elements:
Desk and shelves above.

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