Foscarini sponsor of Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012

Foscarini sponsor of Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012 it has been modified: 2012-05-31 di Benedict Flowers

Research, innovation, product culture and testing of new solutions in the meanings, forms and materials. Are the values ​​that have always builds the business philosophy of Foscarini and who find themselves unchanged in its commitment to culture. A commitment represented, once again, in collaboration with the editions of Art and Architecture of the Venice Biennale, which Foscarini is the official sponsor of the 2008 and that is renewed today for the fifth consecutive year.

Now in its 13a edition, the International Architecture Exhibition "Common Ground", Directed by David Chipperfield (29 August / November 25 2012), it pays tribute to a culture vital and interconnected, confirming its vocation for open dialogue in all areas concepts. Opening entirely consistent with the strategy of Foscarini, speaking to a diverse audience, both linked to the world of culture and art project that, through innovative forms and channels of communication and choosing opportunities unconventional.

Foscarini it is not new to initiatives related to interdisciplinary areas, setting up a research plan and opening up to stimuli from other areas. Among the initiatives we can remember INVENTORY, a publishing project totally independent, promoted and supported by Foscarini and directed by Beppe Finessi that using critical contributions original, takes a look at the scene illuminated and free of design, architecture and art. This focus has also expressed support to the exhibition
'Fare Lume. Candles between Art and Design '- April 5 / 21 May 2012 - organized in collaboration with the Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milan and inventory.
The presence of the Foscarini 13. International Architecture Exhibition will materialize this year with evocative atmosphere of light. Made with different proposals, in composition or in the form of spectacular installations, will be disseminated within and historical sites of the Biennale in the area dedicated to relaxation.

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