FESTARCH.lab. TALENTS OUTING A seven days across architecture, design and futuristic projects Terni, May 26 - 1 2011 June

FESTARCH.lab. TALENTS OUTING A seven days across architecture, design and futuristic projects Terni, May 26 - 1 2011 June it has been modified: 2011-05-20 di Benedict Flowers

FESTARCH.lab is the think tank of the Young Architects of Terni that 26 from May to June 1 invite the young Italian and international architecture right in Terni to develop themes and ideas for the grand finale: FESTARCH -International Architecture Festival by Abitare, Scheduled between Perugia and Assisi from the 2 5 June.

Festarch.lab is a new variation of the festival Festarch, A project dedicated to architecture, design and urban development that was born from Stefano Boeri and GATR, the Association of Young Architects of Terni.Un new format to catalyze unedited thoughts and energies that move in the folds of a territory reinvents constantly looking for new forms of living. A packed program of activities, friendly gatherings, performances, with the participation of Italian and international architects.

Festarch.lab It is an opportunity to create opportunities for discussion and comparison, trying to make the architecture a theme shared, discussed, and participated in the local area; a way to talk about architecture and touch directly the daily life of millions of people. Aim for nothing difficult, fascinating and rather addictive, in fact, now, talking about design and architecture, we can not consider these as issues directly affect the daily lives of people, and how these aspects are increasingly linked to lifestyles and choices we perform daily.

For this, Festarch, Is the organizer of a model based on dialogue with the Company, with the system of consumption, through a direct and free among the best pensatori.L'obiettivo is the repositioning of Culture as a strategic asset cross through an open laboratory for cultural innovation Made in Italy that integrates the interests of different stakeholders and become an investment opportunity real for the business system.

The program Festarch.lab
Festarch.lab is similar to a real construction site, where seminars, workshops and exhibitions are incubators of new idee.Il Town Thinking of Festarch.lab is a participatory practice, a rich format of meetings where there are famous people as Ole Bouman , director of the Netherlands Architecture (Nai) of Rotterdam, Philippe Rizzotti of French collective Exyzt, who will present the winning projects of the International Solar Park South 2010 for reuse of some sections of the Salerno-Reggio Calabria and the Urban Ecosystem ( Spain), which will work on community participation. There is also room for activities like traveling Veloday, a bike tour to discover the boundaries of the city led by Sergey Nikitin (RUS), creator of Velonotte Internazionali.Il timing of the event also includes exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, children's play areas and site-specific installations spread throughout the city, among which the one signed by the Dutch West8 urban design & landscape architecture Adrian Geuze, in collaboration with the Embassy of Olanda.Uno space station will "The RING", Meeting / fights that will take place in the ring temporary designed by the architectural firm 2A + P / A in the Republic Square, where three big names in international architecture as Stefano Boeri, Italo Rota and Paolo Desideri will be interviewed and prodded each by three young architects - selected between the Nau-Network Architects Umbrians, the GATR-Young Architects Terni and GiArch-National Coordination of Young Italian Architects - around the themes of city and architecture contemporanea.Infine, the festival will host the national holiday of GIARCH - the national network of young Italian architects.

Points of Festarch.lab
, A natural amphitheater surrounded by green hills, seems to be the perfect location in which set Festarch.lab; is not only a place that reveals unexpected corners where interesting artistic and monumental past report to other eras and other experiences, leading to admire important buildings and considerable charm, but it is also a city symbol of the quality of urban living.
The events will be held within the CHAOS Centro Arti Opificio Siri a luogounico of its kind in Italy, an area of ​​6000 square meters, born from the conversion of the old chemical factory ex Siri, which hosts events, national and international exhibitions, workshops and creative residencies, the civic collection of modern and contemporary, a theater 300 seats and a cafe bookshop next generation. In an atmosphere of conviviality, experimentation and innovation as it promises to be the same name.


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