Do-Ho Suh: Home Within Home

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The latest exhibition of Do-Ho Suh invites us now to an anthropology of space. Inside Home Within Home, Which is up to 22 October at Lehmann Maupin GalleryNew York, presents replicas of their former homes in Seoul, and Rhode Island. His work reflects

the autobiographical experience of immigrating to the US in 1991, and automatically adapt to a culture, noisy, meeting with nostalgia, and draw inspiration from this experience to his work. The sculptures are made primarily in fabric, resin and polystyrene.

The work of Do-Ho Suh is characterized by the representation of the fundamental philosophical, social and spiritual, embodied in the various artists in previous exhibitions, as Causa y Efecto, Karma (2007-2008). In Home Within HomeThe artist follows the architecture of Refletion, The Perfect Home and other facilities. Here, in addition to spatial perception and memory, it is observable how a series of these become symbolic manifestations of the meeting of the cultures of East and West. The sense of displacement passes, combining this shift to substitution, cultural identity, and the intrinsic contrasts that adapt this type of experience in the first third person: who lives it internally as a subject, perceives and memorizes, and observing this union of cultures from tall, like a shock. This is reflected in the installation "Fallen Star 1 / 5" replica of his Korean house that crashes into an American house of the nineteenth century, in scale one to five. Work, obviously, impressive.

Read here the interview with the artist, e here for other works.


La más reciente de exposición Do-Ho Suh nos invites, de inmediato, a antropología of espacio. En Home Within Home, Hasta el que se encuentra 22 de octubre en Lehmann Maupin Gallery, En Nueva York, Expone Replicas de las viviendas en sus antiguas Seúl, y Rhode Island. Su trabajo refleja the autobiographical experiencia de los Estados Unidos en inmigrar in 1991, y adaptarse a culture automática, ruidosa, encontrarse with nostalgia, y sacar de esta experiencia the inspiración a sus obras. Las esculturas están hechas basically en tejido, Resinas y Styrofoam.

La obra de Do-Ho Suh if caracteriza por las representaciones de conceptos filosóficos fundamentales, sociales y espirituales, plasmados en las obras que diversas componen exposiciones anteriores, como Causa y Efectoand Karma (2007-2008). En Home Within Home, And artist sigue la línea de arquitectónica Refletion, The Perfect Home y otras instalaciones. Aquí, además de la percepción y memory espaciales, es como observable deviene de ellas a series Manifestaciones simbólicas the encuentro de las culturas de Oriente y West. Atraviesa así, el sentido del desalojo, asociando este desplazamiento to reemplazamiento, the identidad cultural, y los intrínsecos contrastes ajustan que este tipo de experiencia en primera y tercera person: it lives inside the que como sujeto, percibe memoriza y, y que Observa dicha unión de culturas desde arriba, como un choque. Así the refleja en la instalación "Fallen Star 1 / 5" réplica de su casa Korean chocándose with an American home del siglo XIX, in a fifth de escala. Trabajos, desde luego, impresionantes.

Read here a entrevista con el artist, y here para conocer otras obras de sus.




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