backlit translucent Corian for Motel One London by Mackay + Partners

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backlit translucent Corian for Motel One London by Mackay + Partners it has been modified: 2015-06-16 di Benedict Flowers

In the heart of the City of London to the new Motel One Mackay + Partners, with an innovative back-lit translucent Corian façade, replaces an office building, giving the historic Minories district, in the heart of the financial district, a new spark of light.

The new four-star property is the latest "new entry" in the chain Motel One and has 291 rooms. The building consists of two forms: a front, a "cube decor" seven floors overlooking the street, and on the back, a sixteen-story glass tower.

Designed by Mackay + Partners for the manufacturer Endurance Land & Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, the building gives the area a fresh new identity as well as an aesthetic vision directional. The project has received the full support of the Department of Planning City of London, which has indicated an interest in exploring the use of DuPont ™ Corian® as a material for the external facade, in contrast with materials commonly used such as steel, glass or stone.

"The design is totally contemporary and fits ideally in the urban present and future" says Ken Mackay Mackay + Partners, "I worked with DuPont ™ Corian® for other applications will therefore know well the properties, but the choice of Corian® for the coating of this project is the result of extensive research and a very close collaboration with DuPont."

This elegant outer skin of the new building serves as a facade sustainable rain to open joints and is characterized by its unique design. The attractive coating DuPont ™ Corian® in white translucent finish is pure and simple during the day, while at night, it creates a strong visual impact, lighting the structure through the backlight of some panels. The LED lighting system includes a range of colors that can be changed by computer, and pattern and tones reflect the brand Motel One. This combination of rain screen cladding and LED lighting, according to the architects, is the first
experienced in London.

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