Block "Mondrian" / Petranzan Margherita and Giuseppe Bovo

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The project Block "Mondrian" architects Petranzan Margherita and Giuseppe Bovo -inserito in a urbanistico- recovery plan includes two square-based buildings connected by a porch, with commercial-office space on the ground floor and residential on the first floor and second. The surrounding area was organized by providing green, parking lots, public walkways and porches do not. In the statement they read to color difference structures and curtain walls, in addition to the change in light-shadow that is combined with a change of rhythm-filled voids.

The buildings, high workmanship and technological level, offering a differentiated proposal of commercial units at ground floor and residential on the upper floors.
Externally are characterized by continuous balconies that develop in the tape along the entire length of the edges, except for those positioned on the recesses in the bottom of which are placed the inputs.

Mondrian condo PB65 01 rid

Along these balconies was made a counter-lightweight - almost a second skin - of colored panels and spaced apart from each other, in continuous dialogue with the rhythm of the backwaters openings of the compartments housing. This allowed a geometric pattern and a cosmetic change that organize the predictability outside with a strong identity linked to different and not random position of the panels. Moreover, the choice of the three primary colors - red, yellow and blue - color of the indications of the masters of the Modern Movement, particularly Le Corbusier, and the new avant-garde painting of the period - the Dutchman Piet Mondrian - taking the simplicity of lines and the chromaticism of the basic colors as essential elements of a compositional system for every artistic production.

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