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Ciclosfuso, an open space of 230 square meters, the factory's pipes, which combine wine and bike, the passions of the two founders.

Both Milan - Gianluca box and Matteo Riva - with a different professional history behind it, you know 'by accident' in 2013, in
Greece and dream to open a place in their Milan. Bikes and wine are the passions that unite them and soon bloom in Ciclosfuso.

The combined bike-wine is original, but well-reasoned. A recipe made of good ingredients: the two passions flow into the new 'different and irreverent' professional experience, in which they experiment and get involved.

Good Italian traditions, respecting the environment. A healthy and ecological cycle ride, wine tasting and food of high quality. The bulk wine - predominant in quantity compared to the labels - is chosen from Ciclosfuso with great attention to ecology (less use of glass) and savings (value for money).

The bike - means of transport adopted by both partners - becomes crucial in the project, which includes cycle-repair shop with sale.

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The place

A large open space of 230m2, with a rectangular plan, divided into two aisles by the supporting structure. Masonry pillars and arches mark the space and the ceiling is in exposed wood beams.

The traces of the laboratory remain in which, some time ago, tubes were made. Just in one area, that of via Vigevano, which at the beginning of the 800 was used as a warehouse for wine barrels from southern Italy.

Wood, iron and steel, these are the main materials used in the preparation of Ciclosfuso, conceived by Tagma, Tastefully accompanied allebici, respecting the origins of the place. The warmth of the wood and its naturalness revived space in the boards used for the counter in beech and oak, which are made of the tables, where you can taste the products. Strong and cold the backbone, in satin black iron pipe, which hosts exhibition elements and contrasts with the shiny steel barrels containing wine in bulk and padroneggianoal center.

Two inputs Ciclosfuso.

One side, the street closed (via Sartirana), gives direct access to the cycle-repair shop, where a mechanic expert is available to refurbish light vehicles, or simply review them. and recommends the means 'suitable'. Unique and 'tailor-made', bikes line '' Ciclosfuso '', made in Italy, completely customizable in every detail: chrome plating and painting of the frame (choice of colors 9), choice of saddle, brakes and tires.

Or the choice from the wide selection of three prestigious brands - Cinelli, Wilier Triestina and Tern - in addition to the bike accessories.

And a second entrance, with glass door and wrought iron - like the two large side windows - which can be accessed from the inner courtyard on Via Vigevano 43. Entering from here, in the center, stand out the polished steel barrels - which contain 8 types of 'loose' - and wooden support tables. On the left the workshop cycle area and on the right the counter where to choose the cutting boards of good food to match your glass.
In front is the outdoor area with tables where you can relax in the tranquility of an inner courtyard.

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An old pipe factory. From here Tagma - multidisciplinary, born in 2010, following the artistic direction, design and implementation of creative solutions for projects of industrial design, graphic and interior - with the idea of ​​making the tubular member the protagonist of the exhibition.

To create modularity, flexibility and adaptation to surfaces, they thought that a scaffolding structure could be the most versatile solution to contain the two great souls that Cyclosfusus contains: bikes and wine. From the existing architectural subdivision the idea was born to create - and to live with distinct identities - many small scenarios whose succession allows to live the experience of Cyclosfuso.

Bike and wine blend, maintaining their respective identities, in a former industrial space, enhanced by the simplicity of the furniture and the choice of materials such as wood. The part of the Bulk is designed as a real laboratory, where the steel of the barrels is at the center of the space and therefore the protagonist of the environment.

The dual personality of the local was immediately materializzatanel naming 'Ciclosfuso', then the logo, in which two iconic elements recognizable, the handlebars and the bottle, synthesize this union, new and exciting, creatively, the development of the coordinated ( Tagma / Valentina Antinori) and interior design and furnishing of space (Tagma / Danilo Leonardi).

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