Dream House goes green ...

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Dream House goes green ... it has been modified: 2012-10-31 di Enrica Garuglieri

From today Dream House is tinged with green and inserts a new kit to its services: Kit Green.

This new idea comes from a customer who had to sell a house built in the '60: had large rooms and bathrooms and few buyers wanted to decrease the space of the bedrooms and include a further bathroom and make the house more current. The person who contacted us asking if it was possible to show his potential buyers a new layout of the house and the work to be performed and a summary estimate of the costs involved.

And here comes the idea of Kit Green, In other words, a feasibility study, Preceded by a Due DiligenceOn a house you want to sell or buy and want to know concretely work that you have to run and spending to deal.

This Kit is completely different from the others and It includes: a Due Diligence, a feasibility study with a layout of the project in accordance with the customer's needs and a card comprising a tender / cost estimate.

Once communicated to the customer the various solutions for home and decide to continue the work with Dream House can buy a kit Red or Yellow Kit according to its needs, in which case the Green Kit will be completely free and the customer will pay only the Kit chosen among those mentioned.

If the customer instead simply want to have an idea of ​​the costs of its work without going to the purchase of the kit Red or Yellow Kit, the kit will a very competitive cost.

This kit is perfectly suited to the needs of who must sell the house and want to know if you can make changes and their cost, but also combines well with the need to who is going to buy a house and wants to know if such could derive from a very large bedroom a small studio or another bathroom.

Dream House is formed by a team of architects always ready to renew their services and meet the needs and demands of its customers, who are always at the center of their work, So much so that the Kit Green was born thanks to their needs.

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