Both Boutique Shanghai, by Prism Design

Both Prism Design Boutique
Both Boutique Shanghai, by Prism Design it has been modified: 2015-11-07 di Benedict Flowers

Both boutique, designed by Prism Design, is located in Red Town, a recovery area in Shanghai where a solder was located.

This large outdoor gathering place is located in one of Shanghai's most popular art sculpture districts.

With galleries, cafes, exhibition spaces and creative offices, Red Town is an ideal place for informal meetings and to work quietly outside the box. There is also a large grassy area for reading, relaxing, picnics and anything you want.

Both are located here and Boutique Both Music Store.
"Life is at odds with the factory." This is a very important concept to tell and both is the key word. People after negative and dark experiences, find the light through positive experiences. In the same way, it is also thanks to the negative experiences that he is able to better understand positivity. Western and Eastern, old and new, static and dynamic, there is a "contrast" relationship.

In "oriental" and "mental" oriental medicine they are not separate elements, but there is a relationship between the two.

Both the concept is the understanding of the "contrast", the essence of the relationship between things.

In a broader sense, with this understanding towards life, one improves the physical and mental state to maintain and maintain a better lifestyle.

The philosophy of the boutique project is that of a "bridge", this is the principle of action and thought of Both, the space that is manifested by the "contrast" approach. In order to be connected with the world of "Bridge", Both flies back and forth across the world, to bring interesting things, the space visualization of the boutique takes shape from this action.

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Both Prism Design

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