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Berlin Explorer ( ) In cooperation with 42mm - Cultural Association of Photographic Arts ( ), Organized by the 1 al 4 November il Laboratory Empties Making, The first of a series of workshops which connect Rome Berlin on the theme of urban reuse.

The project of urban exploration, in which photography has an important role of investigation and documentation, aims to analyze on site phases of evolution of the city and its social changes, which have always had a strong influence on set architectural and urbanistic .

A journey, aimed at professionals and not in architecture, photographic and sociological, to discover new forms of colonization within the urban fabric BerlinFull of brownfield sites and Empty true, of which Berliners reappropriate spontaneously creating new realities.

After a presentation of the steps that have characterized the last two decades a Berlin "reunified ", We switch to a thorough investigation and practice on areas of two districts in this sense more expressive, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain in East Berlin in West Berlin, in order to clarify the changes by analyzing architectural, urban and sociological targeted.

With the help of photography, video, graphic representations and any other useful form and the support of an architect and a professional photographer, you will try to create the three-day workshop a story about the life of these places, explore and map them through the eyes of the participants.

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