architecture and holiday: a harmonious blend of style and identity

URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR Casas de Pousadouro Wohnbereich001 c kl
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Casas de Pousadouro

That architecture is able to make a unique and memorable holiday destination becomes obvious by exploring the pages of A precious collection, born from an aesthetic and very personal need of the renowned German architect Jan Hamer: to find places for one's holiday that present themselves as a successful symbiosis of style and atmosphere, of architecture and nature. An ambitious and successful project: Jan Hamer's collection now includes more than 200 houses from mini-apartments to B & Bs, from beachfront villas to mountain design hotels. And the growing number of fans of the site makes it clear that aesthetics on vacation are not only the need of an architect with sophisticated taste but of all those who are tired of having to settle for the usual standardized offer on vacation.

Here are some of the houses by Jan Hamer collection that reveal the identities, atmospheres and stories very special. Summer is coming.

Casas de Pousadouro, Portugal, Porto, Santa Cruz do Douro (credits
Architect: Pedro Magalhães

The set of four houses in traditional style seems a small idyllic village. The modern interiors show contemporary custom-made furniture. The rock walls create an environment of its own. The fiumo Douro is omnipresent: from the large windows, the terrace that seems to be suspended in the air above the river or at the poolside.

URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR Erdbeere Schlafbereich003 c Wolfgang Rettererdbeere

erdbeere, Austria, the Stubai Valley (credits Wolfgang Retter)
Architect: Robert Pfurtscheller

 The Erdbeere apartment is located on the first floor of a private house in the Austrian Stubai Valley. From the balcony there is a view of the surrounding mountains and a large garden where in summer you can collect an infinite number of strawberries. From these derives also the name of the apartment that has received a rejuvenation with dark areas that guide the gaze through the rooms like a "red thread". The wooden cladding of the walls and the custom-made modular elements give the apartment a modern look. In this way a fascinating mix of old and new has been created that makes even the old bathroom tiles exalt.

URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR Black Shed Ansicht c James Ross kl

Black Shed

Black Shed, Scozzia, Isle of Skye (James Ross credits)
Architect: Rural Design, UK

Ideal for a romantic getaway for two ... far from the world. In the tradition of the old Scottish farming huts this house comes with warm wood interiors but with a decidedly modern decor. The large windows bring the surrounding landscape at home.

 URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR Stokkøya Sjosenter Sub cabins009 c Havard Kallestad klStokkøya Sjosenter

Stokkøya Sjøsenter, Norway, the Stokkøya Island (credits Havard Kallestad)
Architect: Ogmund Soerli and collegues, Pir 2 Architects, Trondheim

Hotel / Apartments on one of the most beautiful beaches in Norway. The ideal place for water sports enthusiasts. Here contemporary architecture blends perfectly with an informal and unusual designs. All with sea view.

URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR pomegranate Ansicht006 c Hélène Binet klthe pomegranate

The pomegranate, Sicily, Noto (credits Hélène Binet)
Architect: Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo

From a distance it looks like a wooden box suspended over a hillside of the archaic landscape of Sicily. The pomegranate is resting on concrete lintels and so offers a view of the eye of the sea shining in the distance. But only when the house is open. When not occupied, a guest house stands in front of the main house as a protective wall. Through an electronic mechanism housing units for guests can swipe to the side to give them access to the terrace and to surprise with a wide view on nature. The main building has a living room with kitchen island and a bedroom with bathroom. The guest house has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

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