Friend Country House, refined elegance in the heart of the hills

Fap BB Country House 02
Friend Country House, refined elegance in the heart of the hills it has been modified: 2014-12-04 di Alessandra Picciolo

The B&B Amico Country House comes from the recovery of an old farmhouse, in Serra San Quirico in the province of Ancona.

Perfectly nestled in the green of the hills, the building has 5 guest rooms, all inspired by different stylistic mood - Black, Green, Natural, NewYork and Pink - who refer to now more contemporary design, now more vintage and natural.

All are united by careful stylistic research and great attention to detail. These include the two-room bathrooms furnished with the FAP Suite collection, produced by the made in Italy ceramic company of Modena.

Particularly noteworthy is the Parigi Inserto decoration in the square 91,5 × 91,5 format chosen for the covering of the shower in the Black Room. The refined floral decorations in powder pink on a black background outline the character of the whole environment, enhancing its sophisticated allure.

The collection recalls the style of the past and sought unpublished choosing color effects and highly stunning decorations. Surfaces damask, floral, embellished with transparencies and glossy-matte contrast conjure up the wealth of brocades, romantic flowers but also the linearity of clean forms and essential.

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Fap Suite BB CountyHouse

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