Alberto Apostoli / Residence Santa Caterina; environmental architecture in Verona

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Alberto Apostoli / Residence Santa Caterina; environmental architecture in Verona it has been modified: 2013-02-12 di Benedict Flowers

It was opened in Verona Residence SANTA CATERINA - Live between environment and excellence - designed by architect Alberto Apostoli, A project of residential architecture in which the environment is an integral part of the project. The achievement is the result of an earlier "Program Agreement" (the first in the town of Verona) entered into between the City of Verona and the Property and covers an area of ​​about 35.000 sqm. On this area, in addition to the residential area of ​​21.000 mc, are also place a public park of about 10.000 square meters and parking for about 80 car.

The overall design is meant to represent an authentic new project in Veneto landscape quality and environmental integration. The residence is in fact made entirely through meadows and walking trails that fit almost directly inside homes creating views and angles of vision suggestive and open.

The property has chosen an innovative but at the same time, deeply rooted in the imagination of those who love nature and modernity without giving up the proximity of services and the historic center (located just a five-minute drive). The project involves only two floors above ground and a basement (approximately 9.000 sqm) which contributes to the distribution of residential blocks. The floor plan of the basement - simple and symmetrical - is hidden downstairs through
creating volumes residential, realized by means of aggregated elements in an orderly manner but not rational.

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The overall architecture, its geometry and its volumes are emphasized by the colors and materials whose selection and definition have been the subject of study and careful consideration.

Apostles sought formal solutions are simple but at the same time able to lighten the volume and pierce the closures visual:

"I wanted that residents wish to wander through walls and trees in a landscape as open and full of visual surprises; I tried to think of a place where a community is bound by love for the environment and living outside. "

The same materials used on the outside of homes were also used for the interior in a unique style that combines theoretically private functions with the environment. The use of the best technologies for energy saving and high quality materials help to create an exclusive though not necessarily luxury. The residence is fully fenced outside but no static internal barriers and park maintenance is regulated by the collective through a custodian / maintenance full-time resident in the complex.

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Lighting is another important element for the integration between exterior and interior, and involves the use of lighting fixtures similar for the two functions. The lighting project outside is substantially based on the idea that architectural elements and trees are to be considered similar to the overall aesthetic impact and, therefore, "managed" with the same criteria. The 50 homes are divided into three main types (75,150, 225 sqm) but each house is unique and special even in perfect stylistic coordination of the whole.

A key objective of the project was the identification of a housing philosophy different and innovative, able to propose a way of life now and in line with the latest social issues. In summary, were prosecuted values ​​such as uniqueness, socialization and integration. The uniqueness has involved the design of seventy housing with volumes different from each other, providing a particularly rich and in line with the requirements of extreme customization.
Socialization and integration between different families are encouraged by the axis nce of fences between individual homes and the creation of spaces and common pathways.

Plants were created highly innovative, both from a technological and energy: a "mixed" geothermal open (three wells that maintain the temperature of the water supply controlled fire, however poorly in action) and closed loop water service individual heat pumps water / water inside the homes.
All units are internally managed environments with home automation systems simple and very reliable and feature floor systems of heating and cooling and radiant self. Each house is equipped with mechanical ventilation systems in controlled release heat pump air / air that enable homes to enjoy popular and high interior comfort.

Each home has been certified in "Class A" and is equipped with a plant for the production of electricity (at least 1kW for each housing unit) by means of photovoltaic panels on the roof (about 8 sqm of development). For the production of hot water were installed solar thermal panels (4 sqm development) with a tank from 200 liters.
In the common parts, the lighting low power consumption comes via light sensor. The aisles are lit by luminaires with presence sensor and photovoltaic system dedicated.

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The entire area of ​​the Residence Green wants to be a space that communicates with the Adige through the presence of local tree species that create a "wildlife corridor", a green path that allows the flora and fauna to migrate, without barriers, by 'Adige into the surrounding countryside, through the park of the residence.
The project involves the construction of some green roof gardens. Each essence is selected only from those typical of the area without sacrificing the apparent "naturalness" of a green random and symmetrical.
Blooms, colorful leaves alternate in succession. Deciduous and evergreen landscapes originate spontaneous. Wild cherry, Carpini and Alders are mixed with wild roses and flowering shrubs seamlessly with the surrounding environment.
Particular attention was paid to the autumn colors, the yellow and orange of beeches, maples and Liriodendron will give color suggestions to great effect. The Pyracantha, wrinkled roses, pomegranates and blackthorn will delight with their wild fruits and their berries.

From a planning point of view, the project is the result of a "program agreement" public / private in which the Property is committed to the creation of a public park, a street with parking area and a roundabout.
Access to the Residence is made directly to an exit of this roundabout and leads to the entrance of the underground parking. All the roads inside the private area is underground and occupies an area of ​​9.000 sqm. The cars come directly under the individual homes.

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