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ACM GRAPHIC LAB it has been modified: 2017-04-11 di tipsarchitects

Graphic and architectural design are a continuous succession of tests, drafts and attempts. Everyone knows and appreciates the final result while the creative process that generated it belongs to the intimacy of a team.

We thought of covering the walls of the ACM GRAPHIC LAB with these tests to document them by dusting off a classic of interior design: wallpaper. Chromatic combinations of the same texture in sequence and sequences of spaces designed to be inhabited and visited define a hybrid context: halfway between the workplace and the exhibition path.

The environments are few and perfectly recognizable even if divided in an ephemeral way through transparencies, this is the case of the decorated glass between the waiting area and the meeting room table and more or less material textures, such as the polygonal mesh that frames the printing room .

What remains is a very busy corridor, a link between the graphic laboratory and the premises where plastic films for food packaging are printed, the company's core business. The panels on display in the corridor aim to slow down the passage, eliminating the difference between customers / patrons and employees / workers and loading an exquisitely useful space with new pop energy!

acm graphic lab tipsarchitects

acm graphic lab tipsarchitects

acm graphic lab tipsarchitects

acm graphic lab tipsarchitectsacm graphic lab tipsarchitectsacm graphic lab tipsarchitectsacm graphic lab tipsarchitectsacm graphic lab tipsarchitectsacm graphic lab tipsarchitectsacm graphic lab tipsarchitects


An architectonic and graphic procedures is a continuous evolution of tests, drafts and tries.
Everybody knows and “loves” the final result but the design process that made it, belongs to the creative team.

We thought to cover the walls of the ACM by GRAPHIC LAB These attempts, by These pieces of paper, used them like a classical element of the interior design: the wallpaper.
Chromatic combination of the same texture, glued back to back, and sequences of different rooms, created to be populated and walked round, define an hybrid background; a mix between a workspace and an exhibition itinerary.
There are well-defined few rooms, even if they are only divided by transparencies, an example is the decorated glass used to split the waiting room from the meeting room, or by weaves like the polygonal mesh That frames the printing room.

What's left of the Lab is a very busy corridor, a connection between the graphic room and packaging spaces, real core business of this company. We have hanged up some dashboards here to transform a junction in a space able to welcome clients, full of pop energy.


PROGRAM ACM graphic lab
CLIENT private
LOCATION Cremosano, IT
SIZE 100 m2
STATUS designed 2016, completed in 2017


Via Di Rosa 29
26013 Cream
Arch Marco Venturelli
Arch Paolo Capuano

Daniele Pavesi

furniture Dealer
Bonetti House
Via Aldo Moro 3
Trescore Cremasco 26017

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