A tropical villa in Bali designed by René kroondijk & de la Viesca

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A tropical villa in Bali designed by René kroondijk & de la Viesca it has been modified: 2016-06-06 di jessica zannori

“Anggana villa” is gently located among a myriad of plants and vegetation. Located in Bali's famous Canggu region, the mansion is simple and picturesque, ideal for enjoying the tropical lifestyle.

The architect René kroondijk has completed the structure, with interiors by Carolina de la Viesca and has soddistatto two requests; a direct connection to the garden and pool, and two bedrooms.

The living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the bedrooms are arranged around a rectangular frame of wood and iron. The different ceiling heights stand space by another, without weighing down the house with walls and partitions. A central dining room connects directly to the pool area and is located below the upper section of the roof. This was done to keep the area cool and comfortable during hot periods throughout the day.

To optimize the climate, large triangular panels have been inserted into the upper wall and contain open grilles that use the passing wind to let out the warm air captured under the ceiling. The sexes also have portions of glass to provide sunlight and a view of the sky.

The two bedrooms are located behind a solid central wall, a smaller version of the triangular panel is placed at the highest point of the room. All accompanied by a large central window that floods the space with light.
To make the house more like its surroundings, Kroondijk has chosen to use a palette of natural materials.

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