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Visualizing Architecture: the future according to Wolf-Va

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Visualizing Architecture: the future according to Wolf-Va it has been modified: 2014-10-28 di Staff

The perfect combination of creativity, graphics and architecture. Tommaso Raffa and Pierluigi Di Giacomo, creators of the project, we talk about the future of architecture.

How did Wolf-Va? What is the career path that allowed you to get here?

T: We met working together as project leaders for competitions in architecture and in this period, we were subjected to the stress was incredible. At the same time it was very useful because it allowed us to study in detail how to communicate an architectural project in a more effective and, of course, was also a very effective way to learn to master the best software and tools. Wolf-VA was born right here, from the desire to offer our skills and our background to those who want to make a project with that "something more" that clearly communicates the idea, the project is viewed.

P: We are not only "technical" but also real architects: thanks to our training we can give a more responsible approach to projects, emphasizing the aspects and elements of value of each intervention.

How is addressing your specific industry this period of general economic difficulty?

P: I have so many competitors to emerge and serve great professionalism and competence, trying to improve and keep up to date on new technologies that affect our industry. We always want to give my best and for this experience and we work hard to find the best solution for each project display. We love our work and this is what makes us look to the future with optimism, whatever the economic situation in place.

T: I always see the positive side of things and I can not make me break down the economic difficulties that our country is experiencing in recent years. I think if you are able to offer a quality service impeccable come rewarded by satisfied customers who understand the value of your work, happy to be able to present their projects to the fullest.

Specifically, what kind of services do you offer?

T: We cater to those who deal with architecture, design firms, builders and real estate, in short, anyone who has to do with architectural projects.

P: Our goal is to bring the quality and spectacular graphics of the projects that you usually see in architectural competitions even in those areas where instead the quality tends to be deficient.

Telling the project thanks to realistic images that seem photographs really makes a difference in the stages of marketing and sales: what could be more expressive and explanatory of a project that makes you see and conveys the idea of ​​those who created it?

According to you, what role does the graphics and image in this work?

T: The images, graphics patterns, video presentations in 3D instruments are now fundamental to the architecture. We do not question the importance of technical drawings, fundamental to the work of the architect, but in the world we live in today is all about the visual element, is the key to communication especially to anyone who is not a professional. Move through a graphic and accurate allows to fascinate the customer, then that is the hub of everything precisely as possible buyer. And 'the customer that needs always refer when doing our job.

P: The view is definitely the way to the most stressed in the modern world and now we are bombarded by images. Not to be submerged by the flow you need to stand, creating graphics that are able to move and leave their mark.

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