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A new "home" for Déco

Deco New Headquarters
A new "home" for Déco it has been modified: 2018-11-21 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

Strong of the positive response of the international markets to the proposals of coverings and outdoor furniture that the company proposes from 2010, Deco has moved its headquarters to a new and large factory, functional and adapted to current and future needs.

The comfortable style, characterized by a minimal, welcoming and "green" design, like the company's philosophy and its products, is reflected in this project: a pleasant and at the same time efficient, informal and elegant working environment, just like the spaces that Déco creates with exterior claddings and furnishings.

To best express the corporate culture, the three partners Mattia Bambi, Eugenio Lorenzo Caselli and Paolo Damiani have chosen an area of ​​8.000mq, located in Urgnano, in the province of Bergamo, and have entrusted the planning to studioPANG, with whom they collaborate since the foundation.

Linear and contemporary architecture is surrounded by greenery. Interior and exterior blend and communicate harmoniously through large windows, an indoor garden and panels made with their products that divide without closing the rooms.

The façade, designed by a succession of re-entrant and protruding volumes, is divided into two horizontal bands: in the upper, white, the Déco green logo stands out, while in the lower part, the Ultrashield® coating in antique color stands out.

Inside, the environment is functional and relaxing, in perfect Déco style: the coverings of the brand are absolute protagonists, alternating with modern vinyl floors with an industrial concrete effect.
On the wall and on the floor, the company repeatedly calls its "green" vocation: ample installations in moss and vertical lichen embellish the showroom, the offices and the main corridor, while at the entrance, the reception is entrusted to a sitting room " total withe "with a sofa that rests on a small lawn that immediately makes the environment fresh and pleasant.

A long corridor with backlit paintings enlivens the way to the large and luminous offices, equipped with all the technologies to efficiently meet the needs of the customers.
The meeting room is adjacent to the exhibition area, both overlooking the garden in front of the company. Here you can touch the furniture and natural and composite woods in various finishes: UltraShield®, Décowood, Ipe Lapacho, Teak.

The new location also enhances the moments of aggregation and relaxation for which a special area with five-a-side football and soft poufs has been designed.
Finally, a large space is dedicated to one of the company's main strengths, the warehouse for the stock of products, built and managed efficiently to respond quickly to customer requests.

Deco New Headquarters

Deco New Headquarters

Deco New Headquarters

Deco New Headquarters

Deco New Headquarters

Photographic Credits: Stefano Tacchinardi

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