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Tuscan style: live the Italian luxury

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Tuscan style: live the Italian luxury it has been modified: 2015-01-08 di Silvia Borsa

Always luxury and savoir-vivre rhyme with Italy, from fashion famous throughout the world, the dream car: the strangers aspire to the "good life" according to Italian style and decide to buy a house here, choosing especially the beautiful Tuscany.

It may seem strange to many but Italy is responsible for a third of the global turnover in the luxury sector: thanks to a centuries-old tradition and an innate passion for what is beautiful, our country has always excelled in this market area and is the real point of reference for foreigners, who choose to visit the Bel Paese as tourists or decide to buy a second home in the splendid Tuscan valleys. The data, in fact, show that the number of non-Italians who choose to buy a property here is constantly increasing, because they see its potential from the point of view of economic investment but also recognize the charm of the landscapes and culture made. in Italy.

This is indeed an important resource for Italy, especially considering the economic problems of recent years. In all that Tuscany is the host, thanks to its historical and cultural heritage combined with a precious landscape and a food and wine culture famous throughout the world for its quality and its tradition.

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Entrepreneurs and international stars decide to buy real estate in this area, investing in the authentic "Italian lifestyle": a perfect blend of luxury, style, good food and culture.

"The field of real estate property, in spite of the ups and downs that are normal and organic, continues to grow." Explains Daniela Gisti, head of the agency Precious VillasSpecializing in the sale of real estate in Tuscany. "In the region of Tuscany is an increase of 30% in sales, while the visits were up 60%. These numbers demonstrate a strong interest of the international public to this beautiful region and are numbers that bode well for the future. Not only as tourists visiting Tuscany, but you choose to invest in property of great luxury, located on the coast or in the inland valleys. "

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