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Check the boiler when it is done and what risks can be avoided

revision boiler
Check the boiler when it is done and what risks can be avoided it has been modified: 2017-10-15 di Benedict Flowers

Periodically performed boiler maintenance is essential for correct operation. It allows to conserve the characteristics of energy efficiency even after years of operation and to avoid any risks that could even endanger life.

The boiler overhaul is therefore important not only to achieve the desired thermal comfort, but also to guarantee the safety of the home. For ourselves, but also for those who live with us or near us.

What risks can be avoided?

As mentioned the boiler overhaul and the boiler fume control can avoid various risks, some of which have very serious consequences, let's see what they can be:

  • For devices powered by natural gas or LPG gas, as in the case of boilers, there may be a gas leak. Very dangerous because if not detected promptly, could result in an explosion or to poisoning.
  • Failure to check the boiler fumes, in all appliances burning combustibles, in the event of malfunctions can lead to the formation of carbon monoxide.
    It can be formed both if the combustion burns the oxygen in the home without air exchange, or the obstruction of the exhaust pipes of the fumes. Carbon monoxide is a very insidious gas because it is poisonous but odorless and colorless. It is very difficult to notice being subjected to intoxication since carbon monoxide leads to a state of progressive unconsciousness and therefore to death by anoxia.
  • In the case of boilers that run on diesel oil or kerosene, the fire of the fuel may occur.
  • You may experience lightning strikes, fires caused by short circuits in electrical equipment connected to the boiler.

To this list must be added other less serious risks, but also able to generate inefficiency or economic damage:

  • The possibility that the arrival of the cold season, the boiler is not serviced is not working.
  • Higher operating costs due to loss of efficiency. With the right maintenance the boiler will keep its own for a long time energy efficiency standards generating savings on utility bills.
  • being the revision boiler and especially the Control boiler fumes compulsory and regulated by law, you run the risk of receiving fines even salty!

It must be added that accidents always occur from causes related to poor care system. In addition to the regular maintenance of the boiler will reduce pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases.

Precisely because of the importance in the aspect of security review and control the boiler flue gases are regulated by special laws, which define the conditions and frequency.

When it conducted the review boiler?revision boiler

Regarding the revision of the boiler there is a real periodicity established by law, but we must follow the requirements and the frequency contained in the technical instructions provided by the company that installed the system, generally every 1 or 2 years.

In the absence of specific instructions or if these are no longer available, the control and maintenance operations of the appliances and devices belonging to the heating system must be carried out in compliance with the prescriptions and with the periodicity contained in the technical instructions relative to the specific model , prepared by the manufacturer in accordance with current legislation.

The best time to perform ordinary maintenance operations, which must be carried out by qualified companies, is between the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The season when the boilers go to rest. So there is plenty of time to check that everything is in order and make repairs, changes or replacements.

When it goes out the check boiler fumes?

In the case of the boiler flue gas control the legislation It establishes the frequency more precisely, although there may be differences depending on the region or the province in which you are located. In general, the periodicity is the following:

  • 2 years for combustible liquid or solid thermal power plants less than or equal to 100kw
  • 4 years for methane gas or LPG with power less than equal to 100kw
  • 1 year for thermal plants in liquid or solid fuel with higher power 100kw
  • 2 years for methane gas or LPG with power over 100kw.

Obviously also in this case the boiler control and maintenance operations must be carried out by qualified companies, which at the end of the revision operations must issue a control report to be attached to the booklet facility.

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