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Which washing machine to choose for your home?

which machine to choose
Which washing machine to choose?
Which washing machine to choose for your home? it has been modified: 2016-03-04 di Benedict Flowers

Which washing machine to choose? Choose the washing machine is not a simple task, because the factors to consider are many.

Meanwhile, the brand must be carefully selected, which must correspond to a company with proven experience. Then you have to consider the amount of space available, the number of the family, the desired services and, last but not least, the budget.

Fortunately on the market there are many proposals aimed at meeting every need, even the most detailed. The Beko washing machine WB 10805 IT is perfect if the family is medium or small, as it has a maximum load of five kilos. This does not mean that the performances are minimal, indeed: the washing programs are many and suitable for any type of laundry, even the most difficult like wool or silk. If desired, it is possible to exclude the centrifugal phase, in order to preserve extremely delicate garments.

Among the other advantages of this washing machine we find the reduced cost and compactness, two characteristics that make it ideal for a second home or for a holiday home. Furthermore, it allows considerable energy savings. Another washing machine oriented to an optimal energy saving is the Beko WMB71022M, which guarantees an excellent relationship between quality and price. The washing load reaches up to seven kilos and also allows the washing program by hand, excellent for the precise laundry at all costs. It is configured as an ideal device for energy saving, especially for the key that allows the half load. The display is intuitive and appealing. All this is joined by the small size, which makes it ideal even for those with little space at home.

For large families, instead, focus on one model like the Candy GC1081D-01, which allows eight kilos of laundry with just one wash cycle. It has many programs and the ability to set the timer to get them off at the most convenient time. It has a stainless steel basket, hyper resistant and a really interesting design, so that this washing machine becomes a real piece of furniture for your bathroom or laundry. The relationship between quality and price is really exceptional, as is the performance.

Which to choose a washing machine, beko WB EN 10805

Which to choose a washing machine, beko WB EN 10805

Which washing machine to choose, candy GC 1081d-01

Which washing machine to choose, candy GC 1081d-01

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